I’m progressively feeling better today after another long weekend of being hit by a truck. Hopefully this keeps up.

A couple weeks ago I talked about how we lost our WalMart here. Annnd how our mayor is a dope for saying “Good riddance. Anything  people want in this town they can already find in our stores that have served this community for years before.” Well apparently they had a tax auditor do the town’s tax revenue for the year. This WalMart opened at the beginning of 2015, closed last month. So open for just a year. Tax revenue for our backwoods mountain town (with daily brownouts and no cell service) in 2014 ended up being $400k. With WalMart in 2015 = $800k. This one tiny Marketplace WalMart doubled our town’s income. Plus provided jobs. WalMart has its pros and cons, we all know them. But this was an obvious plus for our little community, and everyone in town now thinks our mayor is an economic ignoramus.

So that’s in WalMart’s plus collum. Now I’m going to hate on them. Recently went to the 45-minute-away supercenter. I usually browse the movies (and every WalMart I’ve been to has a God Awful selection of movies.) I bought Gravity, The Martian, and Spectre, Both space movies were great, and being a huge Bond fan, I saved the best for last.

bond 2

So I pop in the disk without looking at it right… This is my screen when it starts up.

skyfall 01

So I’m like Waitaminute… did I get Skyfall for free? I knew there were multiple disks and a bunch of bullcrap text on the cover but..

bond 2
bond 1

I so got conned. I so got caught being a dumbass idiot consumer. All those times I was so cocky about never getting scammed.
It’s the damn Daniel Craig Collection with a friggen cardstock photo inside the shrinkwrap. It wouldn’t suck so bad if I didn’t already own all these movies.
So no Spectre. I don’t even know when it’s coming out. I just saw it and geeked so hard I didn’t care.

Reminds me of the time back in August FYE was closing in Huntsville. I raided their Bond section. It was just so cheap. So I bought one I saw in the theaters but ultimately wasn’t impressed with.

bond 5
Like Octopussy, Die Another Day is considered one of the over the top shark jumping editions. Stupid gadgets, stupid plot, stupid premise and concept. But it’s 75% off of $3.99. That’s like… a bunch of math off the price. Several months later, bored, you know… why the hell not. Take off the wrapper FYE put on.

bond 4
Wouldnt be so bad but I ALREADY OWN THAT MOVIE.
You were close FYE. “DIE” is in the title.
Well there’s a second disk.. maybe I’ll get lucky…

bond 3

Disk 2 Bonus Features.
Movie Gallery owned this before FYE. Movie Gallery bought it, sold it to a customer. Customer sells it to FYE. This blackmarket scam could’ve been going on for years. FFS.

So anyway. We’re all dooped sometime. Accident, or intentional. It’s life.