Comic’s drawn. Just needs to be colored. But artist needs sleep. Lots of driving. Blerg.

This will probably be up later tonight (Wed night) but runs a slim chance of being up Thanksgiving. You’re still getting three posts this week, so fear not. Typically I’ll post a longer strip on Mondays. Two to three tiers (the length of two or three strips, –see above comic–) with the weekend making this possible. Wed/Fri posts are 1 tiered to alleviate my work load. This one is two tiered, and honestly has to stay that way. I could cut it  in half, but when you read it, you’ll see why it works better as a whole.

For all who’ve emailed me this week about things and stuff, I will reply you back, asap. Promise. Yes, Juniper is in this story. I’m surprised by the interest. But in a good way.
See you soon.