Surgery went well. Was success. Incredibly painful. I’m in loads of pain right now actually, but I really wanted this comic pushed out. Hate for you guys to wait, and the story certainly wasn’t at an easy, ‘talking heads’ point in terms of drawing. lol

They only gave me enough pain pills for a week, and I’ve got 5 more weeks to persevere through this. I can sit, but I get super uncomfortable after a few hours. It’s getting a bit easier each day fortunately, so you probably wont hear much more on it. The hydrocodone they gave me had me wired for over 48 hours, then after a few days, it continuously knocked me out. My last 2-3 doses felt like they did virtually nothing. So I guess it makes sense. 

During the initial insomnia, I drew this 11×17 picture of Ellie. I’ll make it one of the Patreon giveaways for December. 

The last year+ of Patreon drawings have gone unannounced on the site. I’ve just been sending out old sketches to anywhere from 3-10 people a month.  One reason was the striking contrast of the old comic art I drew on paper, to the new art. I actually felt slightly guilty sending them the longer time went on because they didn’t look nearly as good as the new stuff. Silly I know. Those dark times no one need be reminded of.

But I’m practically out of stuff now. Just a few sketchbooks I’ll send as-is. The sketch cards I did for the plush Fatfats got a ton of inquiry/compliments in messages and emails (as did this big Ellie sketch in the few circles I shared it in.) So things of this nature will be what I do going forward with the drawings, as is getting Claire to help me with them. I actually bought one of her plushies to give away:


She’ll have the winners listed below for these, as well as the mini-Fatfats she’s giving away herself from the survey. Thanks everyone :)

(And here’s the background before anyone asks.)



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Okay folks, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for–giveaway time! The winners of the December Patreon Giveaway are:

William H. from Georgia: 11×17 Ellie Sketch
Tim R. from Colorado: Fullsize Fatfat Plush + Juniper Sketch Card

And for those who filled out the web design survey, THANK YOU! The winners of the two mini Fatfat plushies are:

 – you didn’t leave your last name, so to avoid any confusion, this is the James who suggested “Rap Battles” as a new feature on the site :D 

Congratulations to all of the winners, and we’ll be in touch shortly via email!

– Claire

UPDATE 12/21/18: Chris is working on something special for the next update, so keep your eyes peeled for that–it will be up before Christmas!  – Claire