Tarra does possibly love something more than herself  XD

Also for any insomniacs out there that possibly watch Twitch late into the evening, Claire has launched her own ‘Just Talking’ stream. She plays games and gives away Girl Scout Cookies. I occasionally join if I’ve had a nap. We also play group Skribbl, so if anyone wants to draw with us, we also do that on stream and you’re more than welcome to join.  Loads of fun.
Usually airs around 9:30 central time.

She just started last week, so definitely give her a follow.

UPDATE 2/13/19 – As Claire said last week, I came down with a very bad case of the flu. I’ve been pretty bed ridden and super incoherent. I profusely apologize. Between cold sweats, and my joints aching, I could not sit in my chair and make any art.
Another thing that’s going on, which I haven’t mentioned, is I’ve been taking my mom in to a specialist multiple times to rule out stomach cancer. They’ve taken ‘thousands’ of biopsies at this point, on multiple visits, and she isn’t allowed to drive herself 2 hours to and from these appointments (for obvious reasons.) They ruled it in, then ruled it out, now they want more cells cause ‘stuff still appears unusual.’ I honestly don’t know, but I gotta care for my mom if she needs it. :)

She has another appointment this week, and I have to run my kids out of state to see their mom after that. Realistically, I don’t see the next comic up until Tuesday the 19th (and no it won’t be more flying. lol) My stress is pretty maxed, and I want the next comic to be good. If you guys could say a little prayer for my mom, and continue being super patient with me, that would be amazing. I appreciate you all and I certainly don’t deserve you. Thanks