I got way too caught up in the details on this one. That second panel took 12 hours to color.
Now if any of you are original owners of Bitcoin, yes they are that big.
No, not really. But I wanted Tarragon to have an equivalent to the oversized Batman penny in whatever crap she’s left at her parent’s house. When you find out what’s in the box, please be sure to check back on this comic for what it all really means.

UPDATE 2/16/21: No power or water, sporadic internet. Roads pretty much impassable with another round of snow/ice forecast to come in overnight. Probably will be stuck like this until Friday according to our local power company. Texas’ power grid is obviously ill-prepared for winter storms like this. Claire said the last time she remembered any sort of blackouts like this was in 2010 or 2011, and those only lasted a few hours. We’re now going on 3 days. All seven of us are sleeping in the same room to stay warm, house got down to 40 degrees last night. Unfortunately we’ve also lost some of our livestock because of this, even though we prepared their stalls with heat lamps, they don’t do much when they have no power. We’re also probably going to lose a whole batch of duck eggs we had in the incubator. Will have to pray for power to get any comics done over this next weekend. Will update ASAP, stay warm everyone.

UPDATE 2/25/21: Apologies for the delays. Everyone is fine. Finally got power and water back. And by water I mean our well pump is working again thanks to power. Town is still without water, and they keep cancelling school again due to that. Lost about 7 ducklings total. Didn’t post a new update because I was going to do that with the next comic. Was hoping that would be done for this Friday (2-26) but I’m not done coloring it yet, unfortunately. It’s 10 panels with 15 characters, so I created a perfect storm for myself with so much other stuff going on. Here’s a small preview:

Should most assuredly have this up by Tuesday (3-2.)
I really thought I’d squeak a few comics out this week, but we had so much clean up after the snow storm, and I have to run most all the errands for Claire because of the baby, I just got super behind. See you Tuesday. -Chris