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Jokers to the right

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      1. This is your punishment for preaching the Holy Minimum of Ten Words and then shamelessly sinning against the Church of Content! BURN, POST SINNER!

    1. The sequence is less confusing if you insert “The part” before “where” in Caleb’s last bubble.

      1. Yeah, but it’s still confusing, if you don’t pay attention right away. Also, adding “the part” right before he says “where” would be redundant to the previous speech bubble.

        And for anyone who wants to know, the sequence is Top Left(1), Center Panel(2), Bottom Left(3), Top Right(4), Bottom Right (Ellie cut-out[5])

      2. Wow. I’ve forgotten how different your presentation of the characters was just a short time ago. From comic strip to graphic novel. It’s a brilliant progression, I hope that you enjoy creating these art works and learning new techniques within your apps as much as we enjoy seeing them. Yeah. I had to read it three times, but working to understand the nuance made the third time a charm. It would be hard to understand anything Ellie says. Hard to look up and focus on her words. Playboy ruined us all.

      3. No, it makes sense as is. And I had no trouble following the sequence. In fact, I had trouble figuring out where/how it was confusing to you guys.

        1. Chris used the speech bubbles to direct the eye through the page,Ii didn’t see an issue either.

    1. I believe it now goes –

      “Stuck in the middle with you.”

      (Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, stuck in the middle with you.)

  1. I thought Ellie might have been speaking from experience on the balcony given her history with social media. Of course I wasn’t sure, but it makes sense. I wonder how much her current job hunt has been hindered by that past.

    1. I’m wondering if it ties in with that thing with Mr. Doogan. That kind of story WOULD be some tempting clickbait.

    1. I don’t think so. I had to stop and restart at Caleb’s “where” to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. But it makes total sense then. And it’s how people tend to talk in a casual conversation.

  2. I thought i had understand correctly all the storyline from the beginning up to this point, but…i don’t it seem.
    How and when did Ellie do “slutty picture” of her and sent them online ?
    I though in the beginning she was just goofing of doing nothing at her parent’s house. And when she was thrown out and started to live by herself, she didn’t have the mean to get online until she had that INimbus and we sure didn’t see her do that kind of things. (Well, we did, kinda. She was sending Pikachu’s picture)

    Also, slutty picture is a bit vague. Are we talking really hardcore picture (which i doubt Ellie would do due since she still didn’t have any physical contact with anyone from what we heard) or sexy picture like Gravure idol do for work! Which in this case might be embarraring for some person, but not that awfull if you really think about it.
    Really….why Ellie never thought of going into that direction. I’m talking about Gravure idol.
    Does she recognize the “gift” she have ? And before everyone flame at this, open your mind a little.. It IS a respecfull and honorable work. (Not everyone can have the chance to become one.)

    1. I think she’s referring to the “fetch me lingerie” pics that she posted all the time from her parents house.

      We didn’t see anyone ever responding to her about that in-comic, so not sure if she had direct responses or if she was just worried about it.

    2. It was prolly not so much the FB era, but the MySpace era in which the JH/HS public discovered that Ellie was a somewhat exhibitionist, dancing around in underwear, lightweight stuff, etc. It would also explain why most guys were intimidated by her because when they can oogle your goodies at home, they most likely aren’t gonna risk rejection by asking you out. Also it would explain why so many dudes suddenly showed up to help her move.

      Her “fame” possibly got out of hand and thankfully dies out with the MySpace.era.

    3. Yes, she has a “gift”, but she is also old enough to see the reality of it. Beauty is a great boost when you are in high school. After that, it looses both utility and strength. You go from a pretty fish in an ugly pond, to one of many pretty fish, in a big pond that only slightly cares about pretty. Media drives the idea of beauty as important in the world of reality, but IN reality, it’s a luxury. It’s something we really want, but can do without if need be. And Ellie has been having to do without. How many jobs has she not gotten, or been let go from, because she posted those pictures?

      You referenced a Japanese version of what Ellie was doing. Bare in mind that attitudes on such things are very different in the US compared to Japan. In Japan, being an prostitute is considered a good way for collage age girls to make money. In the US, it would ruin your prospects for most jobs, if you were found to have done this.

  3. It is nice to see Ellie growing sometimes. She doesn’t seem to like being too serious if she can help it, so it can be easy to miss.

  4. Hello again- thank you so much for your well wishes while I was in hospital. Tony and I are now back and staying with my folks for a week or so while I heal up, which means my internet connectivity will be limited for a bit, but we’re both doing much better now and hopefully I’ll be back on at least a semi-lurking status from this point on until I regain the stamina to keep up with the store and my little one.

    1. You’re certainly one of our favorite self-described lurkers who makes us aware of their lurkerhood. :)
      You need to get 100% better. That’s an order.

  5. Twenty-fifth! I actually do feel some sympathy for Caleb. It can’t be easy having a long, non-lethal history with Danny. He’s stuck in traffic in a foreign land with a stranger he just had to pay off to avoid being sued (or killed!) for something done behind his back and against his wishes.

    1. Yeah, I don’t see a whole lot to dislike about Caleb up to this point. He’s got his flaws and all, but seems like a generally ok guy. I also have to give him a good deal of bonus points for the attitude that he needs to take responsibility for things rather than find a way to dodge responsibility.

  6.      Harken unto me for this is a true show of friendship. For friends are not here to entertain us, but to live with us, to grow with us. We are but a single thread that can only be used for the simplest things. Yet if we choose to weave ourselves with those we would truly call friends, we shall become a glorious tapestry of such awe that the star themselves shall be envious of our design. All things in life, both the good and the bad, can be used to give us and others the opportunity to live more and more fully. If thou expects that a plant shall grow with just soil, water, and sunlight how much more so shall a human develop with time, opportunity, and encouragement? Miss Buckingham has given Miss Nicks the new opportunity to prosper by avoiding exposure and a continued potential to live unmarked. Such a deed is noble, wise, and most importantly friendly.

    1. If I had to guess she’s doing what my daughter does, which is wear flip flops or other easily removed footwear and slipping them off/on at every lull in driving like traffic lights. Ever wonder why the first car at the light takes so long to get going after the light turns green? Bet you didn’t think it was because they somehow managed to misplace a flip flop.

      1. That could very well be, but I think Thors comment still holds up. I can barely walk in flip flops before it feels dangerously awkward. It’s like balancing a hacky sack on each foot while trying to ambulate.

    2. I think I heard that driving with bare feet is illegal in Ohio. Not that it’s something particularly easily noticed.

      I agree with TLO about sandals being likely.

      Personally, I think the degree of discomfort of high heels makes women much more likely to slip their shoes off more often than men would.

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