Heavily considering making that secondary comic canon..

Annalise is doing better. We had to get her tested for COVID. Ended up not having it, but she was having a lot of trouble breathing. Chest xray didn’t show pneumonia either. Just super super congested.

This will be the only main site comic for the week. This one took me 5 straight days, so I gotta move back to getting Patreon stuff done.
You guys are pretty good at figuring out the comic so far. Claire’s certainly been enjoying the discussions in comments. In this one, Pumpkin is channeling both Ellie and Tarragon, flip-floppinh between the both of them. Playing with her hands is something I usually have Ellie do as often as possible, as well as trying to look innocent. Second to last panel is an obvious Tarra-ism. She’s really stuck in the middle trying to figure out who she is.