Okay guys, loaner computer has arrived and it consistently stays on. XD
Working on getting caught up. I intend to get my new brick from Cyberpower fixed eventually, but for now I’m just happy to be working. One of the last things the brick gifted me was corrupting my 6 tier Patreon update, which was half done. Luckily I posted some previews to friends in DMs, so I’m blowing those up and re-lining them. It’s coming. It’s just stupidly delayed.

On top of the loaner computer, “Hot Female Fan” has also infiltrated the site’s wordpress. I WOULD feel incredibly violated if she wasn’t updating and fixing things. There are going to be numerous updates and tweeks, so a few things may appear/dissappear/etc… as we try some stuff out. For instance: site chat and forum are gone, as we are setting up a discord for Shotgun Shuffle to replace both. We’re still in the planning phases on a lot, but expect some big overhauls. I will tell you more as we get there.
Thanks guys. Love you lots

UPDATE: Running behind on coloring. Pushing this to hopefully be up later today (Wednesday.)