Well that thing’s certainly not making the Kessel Run now…

So this tablet sat in it’s box for a week untouched. Then it sat for a week on my desk untouched. I had a great week to get accustomed to it, but I had no idea it’s video port was strictly DVI. My laptop, like many, only has a VGA port. So that was one night wasted. I promptly headed to Radio Shack after work the next day. “Nerds, I need a cable DVI to VGA.”
“Well we have a converter: DVI to VGA… we also have VGA to DVI if you’d like.”
Me: “Uhhh… what’s the difference?”
Nerd: “Well, nothing. Just another option.”
Me: “(wtf) Well which one do I NEED? They sound like the same thing.”
Nerd: “Either’s good.”
Me: “Then what was the point of that?” I promptly snatch one out of his Cheez-it stained hand and get home. OH DAMN.

‘no signal’

‘going to sleep’

Well atleast I know the display works, but this problem is relentless. No matter what I do. The same message. So I search some forums, and the users unanimous reply was:

One does not simplyPurple MonkeyThe adapter does not have the nessescary ‘pins’ required in it to convert properly from a digital signal to analog.
So that was another night wasted. I go back the next day, and I’m like “Yeah, totally need the cable.”
Nerd nervously: “Umm… I don’t think we have those. See, it used to be THERE (pointing to empty hole on peg-wall.) Now it’s web-only. You’d have to order it.”
‘Nuts to this, sir’ I said, and left. I went to a mom and pop computer store and finally found what I needed. Granted, this is was more out of my way, and at the ghetto mall. One that pretty much had the train tracks running right through it.
So I get home and now have the fun task of taking off the back panel and swapping out the cords. The end result, and first drawing was as follows:

Cintiq 22HD Takeupyourwholefriggindesk Edition
(ignore my obsession with ER.)

First sketch

Gather round kids, as I will soon tell you of the time UPS lost my business cards I ordered…


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