To answer a common question I’m being asked since Monday, the Patreon-exclusive comics stay up permanently. I wouldn’t think of removing them after a certain amount of time or anything torturous like that.

I also wanted to share my friend’s final assignment for her graphic design class. You can read all the other self-indulgent pointless and repetitive questions, but I’d love to get some feedback on question 6 in particular. I omitted her answers to these, but she can plug them in the comments if she feels so inclined to out herself.

1. What are the 3 biggest insights you gained about the Principles of Design by taking this course?

2. What 3 things did you learn about the Graphic Design Process (think about the different smaller assignments that helped you develop a final product like the shapes project or logo project or poster project)?

3. What was the biggest insight you gained from learning the tools of our trade?

4. What 3 things did you learn from the lectures/book?

5. What are the 2 most important insights you gained by completing each of the following projects (write two for each project or 12 total):

6. Finally, what did you learn by watching your fellow classmates presentations on their artists? What did most of these artists have in common? Considering that they were in their 20’s when they did much of their work, and many of you are in your 20’s, why aren’t you doing similarly influential work in your disciplines by now? They didn’t have more means than you in many cases, and frankly lived in much more turbulent and difficult times… What are the biggest differences between these artists and you? Consider the following points before you answer:
• They didn’t have computers or the technology you have.
• Many of them lived during turbulent wars or periods of conflict.
• They didn’t have the internet and yet they were aware of what was happening in their industry…

Consider that the only thing standing in the way of you becoming the best graphic designer you can be is you. Not your situation, not your tools, not your teachers, but you. Consider for a moment what each of the artists was willing to give to become as great as they were… consider what they did with their idle time. How they spent their youth… what they were able to accomplish at such a young age… etc


There are so many things wrong with this being a final assignment, I’m not really sure where to start. But the most egregious and insulting thing to me is the tired “generational guilt” running rampant these days. Yeah it’s been around forever, but what business does this professor have cashing in his/her paychecks from students paying her salary, then turn around and feel the need to burden them with guilt that’s not theirs to bare? I absolutely have no tolerance for garbage like this. None. There is no reason to shame people for things they’re not responsible for, and can’t help. And obviously we’re not just talking about an art class, but it’s everywhere these days. People feel so compelled to shame others for crimes they never committed, and being born in X Y or Z like it’s their fault.. It”s absolutely nauseating.

I had a friend on Facebook asking “any Irish friends” if they were offended by Notre Dame’s mascot. She received the unanimous answer of “Hell no.” Then she continued her inquiry by saying “Well are you a leprechaun? Do you constantly guard gold?” I’m not even kidding. She’s trying to point out exactly what others should be offended by. We’ve got to drop this stuff. I usually don’t go on tears or rants about stuff (on this site atleast) but dafuq?? The last thing the world needs is another person finding things for people to be mad about. Or feel bad about. Everyone shouldn’t live in perpetual guilt, shame, or anger. No one needs help being told how to feel.