–Quick Update–  Wednesday

You probably see Ashliii texting over in the right sidebar. This will be where I put misc updates now that the ads are gone. Patreon obviously took off way better than I expected. Not that I expected a bad turn out, just that it accelerated so quickly. I was sitting here thinking “guess I’ll make one comic a week for a month or so.” That notion went away in about a day and a half. haha

So how do I express my gratitude? By admitting I’ll have to start doing three posts a week again by Monday. I actually had so many miscellaneous things planned to work on this week I had NO IDEA there was even a remote chance of needing anymore comics until Monday. So yeah, you all surprised me. Let me start getting a bunch sketched out for you. Until then… here’s jumbo Ashliii (and when making this gif, this one displayed is only 40% of the original size I did.)


Well well… here we are. A new comic and everything.

Poster is done, Patreon is up, and everything is right with the world. I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support for my comic. Something I stated on the Patreon page is “If you can’t listen to your fans, what good are you.” I think that’s pretty true. So thanks guys. We’re giving this reader-support thing a go.
Patreon page is located here.
If your unable to help donate (and trust me, I understand) at least go see what all my readers influenced me to make and check out the full shot of the poster (yes I’m luring you to go see my Patreon.)

If I were to take all the emails and comments from my announcement that I was ending the series, and give the overall impression I received from them, it would be that Shotgun Shuffle means a hell of alot more to people than I thought it did. It’s alot more important than I thought it was. My comic apparently inspired other people to pursue their own webcomics and artist ventures, and help some of you get through difficult times, or just made an otherwise crappy day a little better. Honestly I was floored at the feedback.

So I worked on Patreon for a ridiculous amount of time. I wanted what could be a first impression to some to be a decent showcase of the comic. I also wanted the rewards for Patrons to be something worth receiving. One of those is for a monthly art giveaway. Monetary pledges reoccur monthly, and for anyone donating $5 or more per month, gets a chance to win 3 drawings done for the strip. The more you pledge, the higher your chances of winning. Each month will have a winner, and each month I’ll post another 3 drawings. Since it’s the first month and I really want to get you guys participating, I’m going to do four sets of these drawings for October. Here’s the following up for grabs:

Set 1:
Anise TattooAlex and Tommy Drywalld

Set 2:

 BG and Ellie   Eagan on phone Girlfight 2

Set 3:

Drivethru window Girlfight HUGS

Set 4:

JENGA Quinn and Eagan The Kiss

I also have a mention of how you, YES YOU, can be on the cast page and make a walk-on speaking-role like appearance in the comic. So go read!

There are certain milestones the Patreon has established that will allow me to go full blown on the comic and shutter any and all concerns I have/had about making it. For now, the comic will stay at a manageable one-post=per-week status, which will be every Monday with a two tiered edition. The more you guys can help, the less trivial other things become, and I can focus solely on making Shotgun Shuffle.
Lastly, I’ll make some wallpapers out of The Royal Buckingham’s poster for you guys on Monday’s comic so you don’t have to squint so much. Thanks everyone!