Alright I got in the weeds with this. But anyway it’s done. And so is this chapter. This is the wrap up. There’s a lot of seeding going on in this comic that I’ll expound on in the next arc or two. And the most important reveal is James’ balloon dealer is his mom.

If you could guess what 2 panels kicked my ass the most, it was probably:

..and the panel after. I had a knockoff FF summoner, man. I had to do something. She’s a little Yuna, a little Rinoa. So I named her Yunoa Wattamsayin. The creature behind her is quite OBVIOUSLY my own original creation and not any kind of copyrighted character. I named him “Fire Shiva.” He uses mainly water attacks.

Yeah.. the more I’m looking at this, the more I’m uh.. wondering what this would be like as someone’s first impression of this comic. Like anyone who just stumbled in. lol
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