So we’ve been with Site5 for 3 1/2 days and we’re already crippling the shared server we’re on. There’s a set “usage point” limit of 450. Regardless of a definition  or basis to understand what this number means, on Monday we used 13,450 of our 450 usage limit. We soared past it easily on Sunday as well. My slowest day of the week. So we’re in a purgatory. The site’s popular enough to be expensive to maintain, but not established enough to pay for itself (via ads.) We’re going to have to turn to a dedicated server for the site to keep it going. They gave me, like, 6 days to lower the usage (since “Unlimited Bandwidth” only applies to Family Newsletter blogs.) This isn’t a hard date by any means, but judging by Sunday, there’s not a chance in hell that’s going to happen.

I talked with Jessica and James and I may be turning to Kickstarter for the sole purpose of funding the hosting costs. This is still up in the air, and aside from all the ridiculous Tier Goals we came up with, I’d like to hear from many of you. What could I offer to you (amounts aren’t needed, just the ideas) that would make you willing to donate? I don’t have a lot of time myself to peruse others campaigns, but give me suggests some of you have seen, of have thought of yourself.

I also got emailed a fanart I’ve been sitting on from a reader in Sweden. It’s everyone’s favorite 2 things in one thing, by Rinzley.