I’ll post today’s strip on Monday. Or rather, I’ll add it to Monday’s. So you’ll get a double, I’m just postponing it. It’s drawn, and in the computer, I’m just too physically and mentally exhausted to finish the lines, color it, shade it, color the lines, then word it.
As most of you know, I don’t run a buffer. Why? Because I post as much work as I can output immediately. This does put on strain on me, yes.. but I enjoy giving you as much content as possible.

Anyway, long story short, it was inventory day at my ‘real’ job on Halloween, on top of Halloween, on top of my son being sick the last month, on top of “lets clean the entire house because family is coming over next week.” So I’m razor thin at this point. By my son being sick, which I did a comic about some time back, he has asthma pretty severely during the changing seasons. The doctor never diagnosed him with this, but it’s essentially what it is. During the evenings this time of year he gets heavily congested while he sleeps, and he’s on breathing medications all night. So I’ll be proactive and get him on his nebulizer before bed, but that’ll last him until about 1:30 am, and we’re on it again until his coughing/wheezing settles down. Then he’ll be back up around three. Sometimes a third time around 5. So it’s like having a newborn with feeding times. This is yearly. He get better around mid/late November (this all happens yet again when spring comes.) So there’s that.

Now that seems like a lack of sleep, but honestly, I deny myself sleep all the time doing the comic. Some have asked when I typically post it. That depends on when it’s done. If I post it at 3:15am day-of, it’s because I just got done with it. 5am? Just got done with it, etc. It’s not that I’m bad at deadlines, I just have a full plate. My schedule is usually as follows:

Saturday, draw three days worth of strips
Sunday, finalize Monday’s comic. Probably still up until 3am finishing it.
Monday, go to bed at 3:30 or 4 am to be up at 6am for work. Drive an hour, be back home to pick up my kids at daycare 10 and a half hours later. Think about doing comic after I get them to bed about 8pm. Pass out instead from only 2 hours of sleep.
Tuesday, start finishing Wednesday’s comic about 8pm after kids are in bed. Usually get done about 3:30-4 am. Get two hours of sleep. Work again, etc.

That is a GOOD week. There are plenty of times I get zero sleep. I’ll post the comic around 5:30. If you ever see THAT, you know I’m rolling into work a complete zombie. Around 11am, I can barely stand up. That’s when I take a 20 minute nap in my car during lunch instead of eating (my first meal of the day is typically dinner.)

So I go to work on a full night’s sleep only two days a week if you consider I pass out from LACK of it on posting days. By Friday night, I’ll pass out around 8:30pm and sleep about 16 hours straight from exhaustion. As you can see, anything small added to my schedule just kills it all. Like Halloween, or house projects, or what have you. Especially multiples of these time bandits.

But this is not me complaining! I absolutely LOVE doing this comic. And I certainly despise letting down my awesome audience. I just ask you to bear with me on days/times like this. They happen. I’m human, and at this point, I still have to work a regular job. I truly do believe there will come a day this comic supports me doing it full time. That’s the amount of faith I have in it. In me. And in you liking it. That’s why I’ve lost weeks of sleep over it.
So thanks everyone. I’ll see you Monday!




On evaluating the strips, and what dates they fall on, I did a work around. Originally, we’d be flowing into the panel shown in the story vote I did. Unfortunately it’s getting too close to the crunch time of the holiday season for that just yet.

I’m uncertain of the interest to the reader (I assume it’s on par with my own) on how much they’d like to see all the sisters in close proximity. This is something that I mulled over for the last few years when it finally hit me driving home about a month ago. Why would they all be together? Other than a family reunion? And I’m not talking birthdays, like we’re reading now (there’s humorous interaction to be had, but not so much a driving force.) Duh.. Holidays. But more importantly, holiday shopping. Something all my retail friends can relate to: Black Friday. So initially I was shooting to do the introduction of the new character now, but it would have to be concise. I’d enter a break period about mid November and run with the Black Friday strips, then continue on with the first storyline. Like a sub-story within the larger plot. But honestly, it would be rushed. And you probably know by now I hate that. So we’re going to have a heavy dose of sisterhood for the time being. I wanted some gaps between Ellie’s dealings with them, but hey ho. Timing is what it is.
The dude seen in option B of the vote is also my one of the strip’s biggest catalyst characters. Introducing him quickly introduces 4 of the other people on the cast panel. So he’s a huge jumping off point for what the remainder of this giant first saga will be. For those of you liking my DBZ analogies, we’re headed to Namek, but we’re still in the spaceship for the time being. Gravity training.

It’s funny enough to me they’ll sporadically miss each other’s birthdays but not the mosh pit of pre-Christmas shoppery. It’s a tradition. Expect me to expound on Juniper and Ginger with this.