So we did Family Movie Night last night. I gave the kids the option: Alita Battle Angel or Pikachu Pet Detective. I bought both Blu-rays. The kids overwhelmingly picked Detective Pikachu. 4 out of 4 votes to watch this movie. Claire bailed in the first 15 minutes after saying “Why is the opening CG so bad?” and “This is actual dialogue?” 

I, too, faded into the background like Homer in so many bushes. We occasionally checked in and finger gunned the kids while they watched. “Hey! Family time!” before morphing into the floor all T-1000 style. I didn’t feel overly guilty since we did stuff all day. And, you know.. I watched the first couple of seasons of the anime way tf back when it came out, but damn was I struggling for this to hold my attention. Claire does a much easier job of that given the option. So yeah, just let them watch and have fun together. Plenty to do tomorrow.

So before bed (movie long over) I asked the kids how they liked it. Both us parents missed the climax and ending… and overall narrative or plot.
4 out of 4 kids…
Ages 5, 10, 11, and 12..
All hated it.

No really. Did not like it AT ALL. Pokemon’s key demo here. I had instant flashbacks to when Toys R Us was closing. Me, Lily and Jack were all hopping aisles in a bustling liquidation. Jack is jumping rows ahead of me.  Darts in one aisle and right back out. Me: “What was down there?” Jackson: “Just stupid Star Wars crap.” This coming from a kid obsessed with Star Wars pre-sequel-trilogy.

So, I plead ignorance, and in no way want to instigate strife in the comments within the fanbase, but what went wrong with this movie? I really don’t want to bother viewing it on my own at this point, so I’ll just ask those that saw it. And to reiterate: all my kids love Pokemon. They have the games, cards, and toys. Jack even let out a magnitude 3.5 “OOOOOOOH!!!” when he opened the disc case to find a Pokemon card inside, and claiming it for himself. Where did they miss the mark on this? How is Hollywood taking guaranteed bankable franchises and completely failing to capture their own built-in demos? Are they just taking these fanbases for granted? These are LITTLE kids, and they hated this movie. 

Comments were: 
“It was sooooooo boring.”
“It didn’t make sense”
“They didn’t explain the toxic gas thing” (I guess they lost the plot?)
“I didn’t like the main guy”
“It wasn’t funny. The jokes were dumb.”
“They kept jumping back and forth between Pikachu and the main guy. I didn’t know what was going on.”
“It was really stupid.”

I mean like, WOW. These kids are acting like they were treated like idiots by the producers and writers of this movie. And that could be the case. I don’t know. Me and Claire talked about it and I theorized it’s the cheapness of Hollywood with paying decent writers for ACTUALLY well written scripts. We’re all just pay pigs, so any ol’ schlock will do. Just slap the label on it and the dumb masses will pay regardless. (Kind of like how my son feels about the new fat-Thor and girl-Thor. He watches these announcements on Youtube and he is visibly frustrated at what they’re doing to his beloved character. “Do they think I want to see that? It sounds STUPID! THOR is THOR. He’s not whatever!” Like, hey guys.. it’s not just some sticker to slap on anything and expect money.) It seems like fanbases are either disposable or flat taken for granted. And it sucks when you see legacy franchises completely incapable of capturing the current generation, or, in some cases, so willing to shelve them for phantom fanbases they don’t even know they can capture to begin with.

Feel free to disagree. You can totally enjoy the direction of these movies, but I’m not influencing my kids, and they are royally checking out on their own. None of the girls like the super hero movies anymore, and my son said he does not want to see the new stuff. Thor needs to be god-like, Hulk needs to SMASH, etc, etc. They also have no interest in the Disney remakes, and they all think the new Star Wars is boring. *shrug*

You guys tell me. Anyone experiencing the same?