This is going to be the only comic for this week. Computer BSoD’ed mid save on the original version of this comic. Came back to a corrupted file that refused to open (as-is or flattened.) Ps didn’t recover anything on its own either. I ended up paying an online service to force the “end of file” issue the PSD file had, and it only recovered the top background. That was better than nothing, since that alone took me about 6 hours. I lost all the line work, the explosion/hotel portion, the pillars.. everything else. They all displayed blank layers with no content. So I had to make 75% of this comic from scratch. Twice.
That corruption included the planned comic for Friday, which was already sketched out.  So I will be remaking that as well. These comics have a super long pipeline from start to finish, and I can deal with some blue screens on occasion. Losing SOME work between saves is obnoxious af, but doable. Losing entire files ..blergh. I’m saving each time to two different files now to combat this from happening again. I do backup my files, but not as frequently as I would naturally save.

Computer is still working relatively well, compared to 2 months ago, but the crashes seem to flair up from time to time. Gonna look in to it more this weekend, so I don’t lose another entire weekend of work. I will be back on the 19th. See you then. :)