We had a few Scooby Doo mysteries solved in comments last few posts. Maybe more today. Apparently some of you aren’t aware I’ve added a sister panel to the cast page. Or that there was a cast page at all…

And I’m going to declare story option B as the winner. I know the votings close, now… It’s only within a few, right? Like one or two more could totally swing it the other way.. =P
So I’m already writing for it.


Also, on a personal note. If any of you have Nat Geo, be on the look out for a show called Family Beef. It stars some quirky relatives of mine who live in Virginia, and their life on a cattle  farm. It just started airing and it’s more or less in it’s testing phase to see how the ratings are… so I suspect, depending on time zone and newness, it’s going to be airing at various times. Regardless, just a plug for them. (Some of you old Survivor watchers may remember Big Tom. He stars in this. He was in Survivor Africa and Survivor Allstar.)