Before I went full boar into making these strips, I developed what would be my current ‘style’ doing caricatures of people I worked with. Generally just for fun. Which was good. It got me working with Photoshop, and pushing angles I’d never attempted before. I haven’t done one in a good 4 to 5 years, until just recently.

I did one for Heather, who is basically Ellie’s Canadian doppelganger (no you can’t have her) and obsessed with the Labyrinth, among other things junk lady has in her possession. She’s more or less a contributor of sorts to the site, spawning idea’s herself, or just letting me bounce my humor off her. The most interesting aspect is I met her AFTER I created the character, like Ellie was a self fulfilling prophecy. After I post this, I’m going to work on creating a few dozen more fictional blonde characters.


If you’ll excuse me….

Heather's Obsessions

For larger image size, visit it on DeviantArt here: LINK