If you haven’t had the chance to read my three year old son’s first experience with the Captain America movie, you should certainly check it out. He is completely fascinated with the whole Avengers world, as he should be… and since seeing the Avenger’s in theaters, has been chomping at the bit to see it brought home in DVD form (or DDD as he calls it.)
We have the honor of my 5 year old daughter, who’s only partially interested in the franchise, tagging along as she plays with her My Little Pony toys (if you want to get one kid something, the other always gets a door prize.) We have a few reaccuring questions, of course. But I’m quite pleased he’s able to start absorbing it.

(I was AMAZED he didn’t ask to see it again immediately afterword. By the wind-down at the end, both my kids were insisting on seeing The Goonies for the 6th time this month. As you can tell, I am instilling them with GOOD taste in movies.)

On a random note, I was sent the following via Email from a reader, which I thought was hilarious. All the options are completely absurd, but Ryan Stiles… DEAD ON!