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[Patreon] Not So Subtle

8 thoughts on “[Patreon] Not So Subtle

  1. It’s amazing how personable Quinn can be if she really wants someone to go away but doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.

  2. That last panel… It reminds me of the time my oldest daughter aced a course on compassion. Her siblings gave her trouble for weeks. “How did you manage that?” “I never see you do that around here!”

  3. “Misguided Katrinas” is a very polite way to describe a sexual predator.

    But perhaps Quin is being diplomatic as she might have noticed Pumpkin still described Katrina as a friend.

  4. Oh, so funny! What a punchline, after that last page! Lol

    Thanks! *tears in eyes from laughing*

    You, sir, are getting SO VERY good at writing

  5. For some reason, Quinn’s upper lip in this page looks like a really big, red mustache to me. And I wish I could unsee it.

    1. Second to last panel, right? Don’t know if I’m glad I’m not the only one, or mortified.
      …She really either needs lipstick on her bottom lip, or none at all.

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