UPDATE: Guys, forgive me. I rested/slept most of Wednesday and Thursday. I’m basically going to just sketch out next week’s comics today and get caught up on a few misc obligations that keep getting pushed out. Back on Monday. Thank you so very much for your patience.

I made this whole comic in a spinning room. My family is recycling the same cold. I used to laugh this never happened in my home, but it is. I don’t know how else to say it, but I’ve been perpetually sick for almost two months. I really haven’t talked about it much. Mostly because my grandma reads this comic and she’ll assume I’m dying. I tend to avoid that since she’s not the type to dole out sympathy. She’s more the type to tell me it’s because I’m screwing up my life and unhealthy. Unless I’m a Supreme Court Justice with six pack abs, I seem to fall short of some imaginary bar of expectations. (I know you’re reading this Nana, and now you’re mad at me..) There was a point, as a grandchild, I could do no wrong, and everything I produced was AMAZING. Eventually I got to an invisible threshold in my twenties where I didn’t turn out like she expected. What’s expected I’m not sure of. If I skip breakfast, I don’t eat enough. Then a hour later I hear “Nana said you’re getting fat.”

But I love my grandma. She’s the biggest promoter of my comic within the family. My own mom doesn’t read my comic. When we had the March Mix Madness contest last year I asked my step-brother to vote for me. He does, then goes “What the hell do you do?” I show him the comic. Him seeing the site: “So… what is it?” My uncle used to have a massive comic collection. Went to art school. Use to illustrate coloring books. Now he makes maps for Triple A…
Doesn’t read this. Not sure he ever has. Not a word about it. The cool uncle I idolized as a kid. Zip.
But Nana still tries within the family. God bless her.

That’s one of the hard lessons you have to learn when you embark on your own projects. If you find people to give you an encouraging word, stay in touch. If you find people who actually take interest in what your doing, don’t ever let them go. If you’re lucky enough to have individuals actually promote your work for you, then you’ve got someone pretty fantastic who genuinely cares for you. That’s how I know my grandma cares, even when she’s alluding to my ever-approaching death… everytime I visit.

But seriously, if any of you are thinking of starting something new, or have… don’t get discouraged if even your closest friends aren’t falling all over your project. Comic, youtube channel, patreon, kickstarter, whatever. You can’t make people care or take interest. Most of them will glance, but don’t take it personally if they don’t keep up to date with it. Many people I know are in the midst of launching a new venture. I see it a lot, and I think it’s worth mentioning. Out of all my longtime friends, maybe 80% know I do a comic. 15% of that have actually SEEN it. 2% read it regularly and comment on it.

Don’t let similar results discourage you. Like I said, I see it too much. It can be hard to find those who are just as into what you do, as YOU do.. You’ll realize it’s not all about whose with you at the start, it’s who joins you along the way. Having a base of support is important, yes, but it’s not a sign of how successful you will be. Some of my closest friends now are people I met from this comic. They’re honestly my best friends. Even when the comic’s done and I’m making zero dollars from it, those people will still be around for me to annoy. So keep trying. It always feels like you’re trying to entertain a ghost town at first.