Why Ellie would be carrying around a bullhorn DOES have some meaning… but we’ll have to wait for that.

As you can see by the title, I still hate titles…’titling’ in general. I’m titled out…ALREADY. Its like on the Simpsons; each season it gets harder and harder to write cute and clever sayings on building marquees in the exterior shots. Of course, I don’t have a team of writers to bounce ideas off of. I don’t have a team of anything, really. (A posse, maybe, but they don’t get much accomplished.)

My humor, or lack there of, is only truly geared to work within the strip. It’s hard for me to even write these blog-esque posts. This, titles, and the like, all create another limb of a short strip that I may or may not want. I may be reaching too far into it, which I do with most things, but after writing, drawing, scanning, lineing, coloring, shading, lettering, cropping, resizing, and posting… I’m just ready to get this thing posted. =P

I’ll still title the strips, it’ll just be an ongoing battle. =D