Friday’s comic will be up around late afternoon, early evening. Thanks for everyone who voted :D  We’re still waiting to see who officially won.

Guys I lost internet for most of the day yesterday. I also live in a wireless deadzone, so uploading the comic to my phone wasn’t a possibility unless I walked about 3 miles to upload this from my phone. So anyway, it’s all fixed now, and while I waited, I worked on and attached Wednesday’s strip to this as well ( bottom two panels.) They work awesome together anyhow. So I’ll see you guys again Friday.

I have NUMEROUS reasons why there’s no VS art for this round, but I’m sure most of you can guess why. Round 4 is up, and it also ends tonight at midnight EST. We are down to the final 16. As much as I champion the vote, which is really fun, and I want to win, and make art for it, and etc etc… The days they’re posting the new rounds are sporadic and unpredictable. The amount of time to vote each round seems to get more narrow as well. Now the guy who runs it is out, and someone else is doing it. I had the same issue last round as this round. I couldn’t get any confirmation on who my actual competition is before the new voting period goes live, so I can’t have the art ready. I’m at a point where, I see the vote the same time everyone else does, then I have to scramble with the art for it and try to get it done and somehow have enough time to post said art in the increasingly smaller increments of time to vote. It’s frustrating. Just know I care about it, but it’s not feasible at the moment.

Round 4 Vote is HERE



Round 5 is already up. We’re up against Property of Hate. Guess they’re trying to get this voting done and over with.