Obviously I struggle with this comic not having enough females… And thanks for all the love and support you guys have given me to make this comic what it is today.

I set up Sister X in this arc to have two possible backstories. Which one I go with will depend on who you vote to oppose her. Tarra or Ginger. This coincides well with what I talked about two weeks ago with some readers enjoying the more relatable stories, and other going for the more “out there” kinds. The rest just like pretty colors. Either is fine with me. I wrote two conclusions, and I’m happy with both outcomes. I do prefer one over the other, but I’m giving my readers the chance to set the tone.

You’l find the poll in the LEFT SIDEBAR.

Tarra block

If Tarra resolves this encounter, you’re extending this story a bit longer. The conflict will also be on par with what we’ve come to expect from the Tarraverse.

Ginger block
If Ginger resolves the conflict, it’s a more brief conclusion and understandably closer to ground level.

I’ll make it a week long vote since I have strips that fit in between where I need this climax. At some point (when the story permits) I’ll fill you in on which story didn’t make it just to keep you from wondering. But outcomes are drastically different. ENJOY!

On a few other notes, we are finally ditching GoDaddy and moving to a new server this weekend. The site may be down for some period of time on Saturday with a possible bleed into Sunday. So bear with us as me (not involved) and Jessica (doing everything) work to make this a better reading experience for the future.

I’ve also got a ton of correspondences this week through email and social media. I DO read everything I’m sent. I’ll get back to you all. Promise.