I’m not out of the woods, schedule wise, yet. Have more appointments and misc for the kiddos next week for check-ups and such. Everything’s fine. Stop worrying. Just that time of year and the seasons are changing, which is a nightmare for asthmatic children. :D

But I do have loads of these strips prepped. At least the next 25 or so. Spent a bit of time on that the last few days making sure we flow out of this date and into the next part smoothly.

This current series of comics has gotten the most inquiry out of any other story I’ve done (second being Pumpkin’s asexuality.)  Some of that is from the growing audience, but much of it is concern over Ellie getting a boyfriend. This comic covers a myriad of interpersonal situations, but nothing seems to peak more interest than when it involves romance. I’ve had my comic categorized in the past on many sites as a ‘romance’ series/story. That certainly takes the pressure off of me trying to be funny.

A few emails have asked to have the whole storyline spoiled, which is super rare. Even Jessica doesn’t like me to tell her what happens. So, with that, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions I get via Facebook/Twitter/Email and I plan on doing a reader mail next post. These are common comic questions I’ve gotten throughout the comic’s run, and nothing spoiler related to what’s going on right now. I’m not listing anyone’s name, either. It’s all anonymous, and it will also be what the title says: The most frequently asked. I’m not going to embarrass anyone who asked a really bizarre question and they’ll know I’m referring to them specifically… so fear not. I’ll answer the questions I get asked repeatedly over and over that are typically pretty general, and often pretty hilarious.

If you’d like anything thrown in the mix, email me:  shadowfaximile@gmail.com

Thanks :)