I added Friday’s missed post to Tuesday’s. So we’re both behind and early at the same time… I guess. (Whatever makes me feel better.)

I didn’t do any real diagnosis, but Friday I was in panel-one-background-hell when I got multiple BSoD. It ran fine later in the day, and all weekend, but I was ultimately too behind to get it up late in the evening.

UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP and “Reference by Pointer.”
Event log is as follows:

If any of you wizards of smart know what any of that crap means, fill me in. New comp is crashing significantly less, and will run fine for days on end. But then you get that one time it gets a bug up it’s butt, and it becomes ridiculously repetitious.
Until then, I know Windows is releasing another update today, so all fellow artists take heed. The darkness comes. :P
I’m fairly certain there’s enough time to sort it out, so I’ll see you guys again on Friday.