I seeded this idea quite a while back when Herb took Pumpkin on a fishing trip. He felt a disconnect with her and asked what he could do to help her. She suggested a car out of a mixture of snark and disinterest. Well he got her one anyway. Problem is, obviously, none of the other six siblings got one.

Speaking of six siblings.. I had to have a serious conversation with Claire that the “Buckinghams” are a fictional family. Not a prophecy.

Doctor said she’s 98% certain it’s a girl, due in April. That makes five daughter and Jackson can be ‘the weird one.’ 
So yes! Anyone who helped us out with the baby registry last year, you’re surprisingly going to get double mileage out of those items. Doubly-thank-you. XD

(wipes away nervous sweating)

UPDATE: Next comic will be Tuesday the 26th. Again, sorry for delays due to health crap. Will update then. Thanks all.