Wednesday’s comic and the first Patreon comic for this week will be up around this evening. My son graduated kindergarten yesterday, and that coupled with misc end-of-school-year meetings with teachers and getting my kids ready to see their mom for half the summer, kinda blew a hole in my work time yesterday. Plugging away as we speak. ;D

I can’t tell you what’s at the end of all those clickbaits, but I can say, it’ll never live up to expectations.

Just a note on future story planning. We’re nearing the end of Chapter 4, and heading into 5. This chapter was originally supposed to end with us a good ways into Ellie’s next job oppurtunity. With the addition of the Patreon comics being retroactively added to this chapter, chapter 4 would be unbelievably long when it’s all said and done. Does that honestly matter? Not really. But I’m moving The Royal Buckingham’s storyline to chapter 6. Five will be Ellie’s next job, and her first real love interest, and any other finalizing I need to do to set up Pumpkin’s 16th Birthday for 6. I’ll be pushing to tie up as many loose ends as I can in these next two chapters since Chapter 7 involves a time jump of about a year and a half.

I did a vote a few weeks ago on what everyone wanted the next storyline for the Patreon comics to be about, and the Ginger/Juniper plot won, with Cinnamon/Ellie coming in second. I atually decided to do both. Ginger/Juniper will be on Patreon and Cinnamon/Ellie will be here on the site about half way through the next chapter.

So my Chapter notes thus far for Arc 1 are:

1. To The Wolves
2. Hating you Back
3. Interconvention
4. Room with a Viewcount
5. My Other Me
6. The Royal Buckinghams
7. Deadbeat Club
8. Death by Proxy
9. Roomers
10. Shotgun Shuffle