This comic highlights the more absurd and/or niche booths you’ll see at conventions. They all have em. Jessica can elaborate on the final panel since that’s her own anecdotal addition to the comic today. She had no idea why, but someone just had a single rifle on a table.

I also wanted to use a real Youtube Let’s Player as an example, versus a ficticious one, and the real Necroscope86 was kind enough in allowing me to use his channel name and likeness in the comic. If you’ve never checked him out, I certainly suggest you do. He’s a retro gamer, and highly likable in his commentary.


I gave up playing video games years ago when I had my kids. Time and money didn’t allow for it. So if there’s ever anything new, next gen, or even classic I feel like watching, I’ll have my secondary monitor streaming a playlist from this guy. Considering this comic takes 8 hours+ to make in the solidarity of my room, it’s nice to have someone talking. :P

Wordless version:
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