UPDATE: Apologies for not providing an update sooner. Next comic will be up tomorrow Wednesday. Battling the flu, or its equivalent.


I shaved the top tier off the next comic. This kinda gives it away, but I didn’t want you guys to do without for too long. Thanks to everyone who voted, and indulged me while I pushed to get that poster done. Sat on it for about three months. I got plenty of shirts and mugs and what not out of it. The mug are probably my favorite. These are the layouts.





And here’s the finished mugs:

all mugs

Pumpkin has all the anime or anime inspired,  Jubilee has all the comic characters, Samus has all the game girls, and Pumpquinn has the misc. Obviously I’m now obligated to say COLLECT ALL FOUR!

As always, you can find shirts, prints, posters, and other misc HERE on Sociey6. Sizes run small, so order up a size or two if in doubt. I made a few shirts and prints for the highest ranked characters from the vote. If there’s any character you’re dead set on being on a shirt by themselves, I can create a one (serious “I’m-actually-going-to-buy-this” inquiries only, plz.) Otherwise, I’ll assume everyone’s content. ;P

Until next post,  I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and everything else of equal or lesser value!