Titles are subject to change. I did this before as we grew closer to the conclusion of Chapter 2, so I’ll so it again. This won’t be the end of Chapter 3. This is only the first half. We’ll go on to meet the character everyone voted for in the poll a while back before that happens. I’ve been working on a strip for THAT chapter conclusion for over a month now. It’s called “The Chain” and proves to be quite long (as long as it still loads reasonably for normal reading.)

So I sat on break yesterday and hashed out exactly how many 1 tiered strips it would take to finish out this story and not miss anything I needed to cover, and this is what I got. It doesn’t really spoil anything, but you can certainly draw some conclusions if you’d like. Again, these are 1 tier. Any combining or last minute expansions will throw this quickly out of sync. #256 should be the end, with #257 starting our second half. We’ll be past Valentine’s Day before we even get to Denny’s. =))
Thanks all.

228-Pumpkin Chunkin’
229-The Hot Girl 180 II
230-Window Shopping
232-Irritable Sister Syndrome-1
233-Irritable Sister Syndrome-2
234-Juniper 2.0
236-Back to the Start
237-That Bitch is No Good for You
238-You’re So Evil
239-Police Chief Commissioner
240-High Tension
241-Stuck in the middle with you
242-Only if it’s Pink
243-Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight
244-We are Pumpagon
245-The Two Playskool Towers
247-Chairs v Wheels
248-Only I didn’t Say Fudge..
249-Gold Dust Woman
250-Register One, No Waiting
251-Hard Feelings
253-Sister X
254-Seven Wonders
255-On Your Own Time
256-The 9th Sister

257-Out of Season
258-Last Resorts
260-See You Space Cowboy..