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Quinn’s First Rodeo

I really wanted to convey the EXACT noise for panel two. =P Now anyone following my old footnotes for the strips, I'd have to say by now it's obsolete.  My month long ordeal with traffic court put this incredibly behind. I won't bore you with the story, so here goes: I'm driving home from work the other day (which is an hour drive, so I'm quite susceptible to pull-overs.) Coming out of a traffic light with absolutely no speed once it turns green, when a cop does the typical "catercorner-behind-you-creep."  He had just pulled out onto the road. I'm stuck behind 8 cars full of what I always assume are grandma drivers. Everything seems fine until he does the other typical cop move of "start-speeding-up-nah-screw-you-my-lights-are-on-now" and he's suddenly behind me. "Know why I pulled you over?" "Officer, I have absolutely no idea." "Can you please step to the back of the car." At this point I must be dragging a drug dealer, because this is incredibly bizarre. He directs my attention to my license plate. "Know what's wrong with that tag, sir?" Me: "Uhhh..?" "The renewal sticker. It's on the wrong side." "Oh...kay..?" "I can't tell what's going on there. Is it expired? Is it not? See what I'm saying here. This is why I pulled you over." Now I'm always respectful of the police who put their lives on the line, etc etc. But this was the most bull@#% reason to pull anyone over. Yeah the law's the law. But come the frick on. That's the most ridiculous reason to be pulling over someone who's not even speeding. And with that he decided to pick and pull me apart over everything. "Why do you have a Tennessee license still? You live in Alabama?" "Yes" "How long." "Year and a half? Almost two I think." "Okay, Who's car is this?" "It's mine, officer." "Well why you driving with a Tennessee license and an Alabama tag." "Officer, I won't bore you with the four hour story of how and why I lived in seven states in two years because of my job, but the long and short of it is, I just didn't know how long I was going to be here. Now I know that's no excuse. But I agree it's reasonable and law-abiding for me to go ahead and get my license changed. Yes." So two tickets later, because he didn't care, I was sent on my way. Not with two payable fines, but with two tickets set up for a court date. YAY! Court. WTF. So that was the beginning of my journey to hell. I work when the DMV is open. I actually work earlier and later than the DMV is open. So for me to correct these issues, I take a day off. Head over to the courthouse. 30 minute drive later County Clerk: "Okay, we'll get this all squared away with the stickers. You just need new ones?" Me: "Yes" *types while looking at the registration* "Oh, I'm sorry. You're in the wrong county. This is Jackson County. You need to be in Marshall. You'll have to do it at the same one you went to originally." 45 minutes later I'm in the right town. "Okay, it'll be $2 for the stickers. I need to see your insurance card first." *me looking for it*   "F%^#!!!" 1 hour home and back "Ok here it is. I'd like to get my license changed too." Them: "Oh that's in a separate building." 5 second sprint across 2 lanes of speeding tractor-trailers DMV is a ghost town. Walk right in and sit down at the desk. Lady takes picture. Is nice enough to let me pass the eye test. (And trust me, I am getting so blind I'll be giving girls at fast food restaurants advice soon.) Goes to do background check and I'm 5 minutes from being out the door. "Have you ever had any licenses before Tennessee?" "Only Florida." "Mmm, yeah. There's a suspension on it." Me: "I knew this was going too well. What's it for." "This thing never says... you'll have to call Tallahassee and check. I think I have the number here somewhere..." 20 minutes later after I search the web on my phone since THAT number was wrong: Automated person: "THERE is a SUSPENSION on your LICENSE due to lack OF insurance. You will NEED AN operator to HALP U" Another long story short... when I worked for HHGregg setting up their distribution centers in the mid-Atlantic market and Chicago areas (and a brief stint in TN and IN,) I must've had about 6 forwarding addresses sent to the USPS. This caused my insurance paperwork to somehow get backlogged and returned to them. This (if you didn't know this, you're learning it now) causes your insurance company to drop you since they don't know where you live. Now, I knew about this over a year ago and switched insurance companies. Didn't matter. Florida never knew about it. And in Florida.. if your insurance drops you, they suspend your license. INSTANTANEOUSLY. Yup. No warning. Never got a letter. No phone call. By the time I'm done with Tallahassee, the DMV is closed. So now I need another day off. Since according to them, there is absolutely NO way to pay over the phone. I can mail it, but it will take them half a month or more to process it. I don't have that long by this point. So after contemplating how and why Tallahassee is still in the year 1987, my best COA is to drive to friggin Florida. I can clear up my suspension by paying a fine at any DMV and it will instantly release my suspension. One more day off and 6 hours to the panhandle: "You know you could've called the county and they can take payments over the phone." "Not what Tallahassee said. They said it had to be IN PERSON." "Hmm..." Me: "Thank you for your help, but if you say anymore about it I may drive into a palm tree during the 6 hours back." 6 hours back home and $230 poorer: So, didn't make it home in time to still make the DMV that same day. So I take a THIRD day off. And this time the DMV is incredibly packed. And of course... this ends up being the day of court. I didn't procrastinate. I took all these days off as early as work (not at HHG anymore) would allow me. 3 hours later baking in the sun: For some reason, the DMV is only run by one person a day. For about a five hour window. And I'm stuck behind 8 sets of teens and their parents taking their driving tests. Today of all days. This causes the one person running the joint to "lock up" each and every time they go out in a vehicle to take the test with said dopey teens. Great. I BARELY make it out of there on time. Soaked in sweat, with my temporary paper license. Paper. WTF. Everywhere I've ever been they give you the actual license. Good Lord. What if I need liquor?? I have to wait for the real one in the mail? Thankfully I remembered the letters from the first time for the second eye test. Kid you not... I made a point of repeating them when I left the prior visit. I knew I'd end up taking it again. It's just my luck. So, I get to court, wait behind felons... get my sticker (or as they put it: "Improper tag") ticket thrown out. Have to see the judge for the license ticket. Wait behind more felons. Plead guilty just to get the hell outta there. Get slapped with a $20 fine for "driving with no license." Yup. Even the ticket itself read: "Has license?" "YES" "Reason for ticket:" "Driving without a license." dafuq America? Then they tack on $237 in court costs for having me breath their air for 15 minutes, and I'm on my way. And they never ONCE asked to see if I got my AL license.

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  1. Hah, if thats what I think it is then Tired-guy’s true identity is really Lecherman. ;-)

    Also Rusche, I’ve figured out that traffic laws these days don’t really exist to make you safer, just poorer…

  2. i once had a cop pull me over because (wait for it) my license plate was kinda dirty……..O_O………..oh and then he searched my car…..asked me why i had peanut oil…..yeah…..you know about those peanut oil bombs right?

    1. ya’ know, I had one pull me over for the same reason, It was then that I found out my drivers license expired two days before and not only did I miss my birthday, I got a fat fine too…

  3. Move out of the South and into the 21st Century. Or if you want the 21st Century and real civilization, move to Canada.

    1. Yeah, NOT THAT easy to just become a citizen there. I’ve looked into it before.

      I’ve also had the “who’s country is better” debate several times with some Canadian friends. I’m sure Mexico will now chime in as well.

      1. My dad is Canadian and he says Canadians are weirdos. So There’s that. MY dad is pretty weird if I do say so myself.

        1. Now all this Canada talk has me wanting to watch Great White North clips and Strange Brew….

    2. I’m going to have to agree with… Thor.

      That… sounds like something that wouldn’t happen here in New Jersey. Then again, I drive the safe way everywhere (aka like a grandma), so maybe I just get lucky with missing all the jerkface cops.

      1. We were just going to Canada for french fries and gravy sir.

        Poutine, we were going to get Poutine.

        Canada, Eh? Well you almost made it. Now Officer Rabbit and I are going to stand here why the three of you smoke the whole bag.

  4. ugh, that’s awful man. I can’t tell if all traffic cops are such pains in the ass, or only the ones I hear about. I had my own issue with one. Off duty traffic cop speeding through a school zone, running a red light and plowing into me during a turn. First thing he does is call up his on-duty buddy to hand a BS ticket with the events skewed in his favor. I’m getting this ticket while the two of them are laughing it up, setting up a lunch date for themselves. Afterwards he drives away. Yup, his car was several times larger than mine. Superficial damage on his versus my totaled car. My story ends up a lighter note though. I was angry enough to spend the time trying to contest the ticket and the other guy never showed. Guess he didn’t like his friend enough to try to explain the many bits of conflicting detail on the ticket report. So it was removed off my record. A bittersweet victory, I was still without a car after all.

        1. youre sapost to use your first and middle name. now someone is going to go find you james

        2. and i looked it up, there are only 6 people named james dewitt in alabama

          i need to get a new hobby

        3. Unless the poster actually hates James DeWitt and is looking for Cady Lee to come take him out.


  5. Bwah ha ha ha…Dirty old Tired Guy!

    And traffic code enforcement officers exist for 90% revenue, 9% lording it over their fellow citizens, 1% public safety. I see those cork soakers with their cell phones pressed to their ears on a regular basis, rollin’ a “gangsta lean” in their shiny new dodge charger patrol cars. And, in the peoples republic of California the whole cell phone thing is Verboten!

  6. Hah Georgia is the same way about BS traffic cops an my city is bad about them also. Also Bama ain’t the only ones to give paper liescene’s now GA does the same but your new plastic one is mailed to you.

    1. Yeah, welcome to the new world order of Driver’s Licenses and the DMV. What with that stupid Georgia facility providing driver’s licenses for the entire US of A now. I’m going to rip that little thing up.

  7. Great strip as always.

    Sux about the traffic court. When I was first learning to drive, my mom’s boyfriend was a cop. So- of course – he made it his mission in life to be an utter dick to my dad. He would get pulled over almost every day for bullshit reasons. His license got suspended, and I actually got a really good paying job driving him around for a few months. But wait! It gets better. Mom breaks up with said cop. Now the WHOLE family has to deal with this prick and his friends.
    I finally got sick of it, and when he pulled me over driving my dad and his boss, I asked him a question.
    “Hey, so we were wondering, how much trouble can someone get into for calling a cop a prick to their face?”
    He freezes, stares at me, and grins before spouting off some large fine and possible jail time.
    “Okay, I get that. But what about just thinking it? What if I THINK some jerk-off cop is an absolute prick, who only gets his jollies by spending his time harassing people he knows haven’t done shit wrong?”
    Pissed off and reluctant, he responds “Nothing…”
    “Hey, thanks for clearing that up. Am I good to go?”
    And away I went. He never bothered me or my dad again.

    By the way, I wouldn’t try that at home kiddies. I probably only got away with it because 1) everyone in the car is ex-military, and we looked it. And 2) it was well known that my dad’s boss was buddies with some local powers-that-be. He found my solution hilarious.

  8. since i dont wear make-up i look 5 years younger then i actually am. 4 months ago i was driving to my boyfriends when a cop pulled me over. he thought i was 14 and accused me of stealing the car
    Police: do you even have a license?
    me: *hands it over*
    Police: oh, im sorry miss
    me: do you see that giant bumper sticker in bright orange that says I GO TO THE CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART?
    police: yes, but i thought this car belonged the older sibling you stole the car from
    since i knew i was ready to flip my shit. i quickly ended the convo and drove out of there, swearing up

    1. swearing up a storm as i continued my drive

      im typing this on my ipad and my finger bumped into post comment before i could finish my rant

  9. I once had the same female cop pull me over every day for five days, never got a ticket, just pulled over. It only stopped after I filed a complaint with the sheriff.

  10. What is Tired Guy stealing?!?!

    Also, sorry to hear about your crappy endeavors with the Law. That sucks. Mostly though I can relate to your DMV experience. I hate going to the DMV, especially in my hometown in California. There is one in Utah, however, where EVERY time I’ve gone in I’ve been out in less than 10 minutes and the people there are usually pretty easy to work with. Seriously. Best DMV ever.

        1. Blackmail material. . .

          Unless he know art dealers and other people in that line of work.

          Unless he knows the Heff personally (doubt it)

          Ominous music (Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn)

    1. The DMV where I live, if there is more than 2 people ahead of me in line, i come back later.

      Must suck to live in a city. ;)

  11. Huh, see I’ve had the exact opposite happen with police in backwoods Pennsylvania.

    I’m going to say it was close to 3 AM and I had just finished striking out with a girl. It’s now Saturday morning and I’m due to drive to Rochester NY to meet up with my old college roommate from a few years before. I’m 27, and I’m driving a new 2005 Impreza WRX, and it’s 3 AM (like I said) and the bastard in front of me is going 35 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. They don’t seem to be drunk, but the combination of being tired, striking out, and needing to get some sleep before a long drive makes me exercise the car.

    I know cops sit on this road little back road. I didn’t know they sat where I passed. As soon as the road straightened out and the double yellow went dotted, I hit second and ran it out to 6,500 RPM, slammed third and wound it all the way out, before easing straight into fifth. Third gear in that car was good for around 100 mph.

    Having passed the idiots and coasting down to a more legal-ish speed limit, I passed a cop though I didn’t know it at the time.

    Several miles later, almost to the highway, I get that sinking-stomach feeling as lights turn the bare trees behind me blue and red. I immediately pull over.

    The cop waits for what seems to be about five minutes for another cop to show up, also with lights going. The guy who is late to the party is the one who actually comes and says hello.

    First words out of his mouth are, “I was chasing you for about five miles. Do you know how fast you were going?”

    Well, they have to have had me on radar, so lying is pointless. “Eighty-five, ninety?”

    The cop seems surprised at my honesty. “How drunk are you?”

    Time to win the night. “I’ve never had a drink in my life.” And I haven’t. Humanity creeps into the conversation as the cop volunteers, “Neither have I. License, registration and insurance, please.”

    It turns out I don’t have my registration or proof of insurance. I had just had the car inspected – for free – from the Subaru dealer I had bought the WRX from. They had stapled everything to the receipt for $0.00. I didn’t need this receipt of course, so I had thrown it away along with the critical documentation the the cop was now requesting I produce.

    They allowed me to get out of the car to search my briefcase. Yes, I had a briefcase. And I was still dressed for work, which meant I was just shy of a three piece suit with a tie.

    Snippets of conversation happen while I toss my own car in a sad attempt to find the paperwork.
    “Nice car.”
    “Thanks, I’ve had it for about a year. It’s pretty fast.”
    “We noticed.”

    Around this time the car I had passed crept by.

    “Where are you coming from at this time of night? If you weren’t at a bar…?”
    “My girlfriend’s.” A lie, she really wasn’t, but it would make me seem more legit than ‘At this girl’s whom I’m trying to shag’.
    “You two drinkin’?
    “No. I said I don’t drink and I never have. Not even in college.”

    Eventually, it comes to pass that they let me go. I had honestly figured that at the minimum the car was going to be towed and impounded, so I was understandably grateful when they told me I was going to get a 3344 (I think) which is a no-points ticket where I’ve simply failed to obey a traffic sign.

    I shake both their hands and have the courage to ask the cop who chased me down why he had never drank in his life. Turns out one of his friends in high school killed himself drunk driving. To make sure the same would never happen to him, he had never had a drink in his life, same as me. Though he didn’t say it, he probably also became a cop for the same reason.

    So I drove off. With no registration or proof of insurance I was clocked at over 90 mph in a 35 zone, admitted it, and walked with a no points ticket that cost me a total of $128.

    Sometimes life can be pretty friggen amazing.

    1. Wow, that’s really impressive! Sadly, nothing like that has ever happened to me. Every traffic cop I’ve ever met was a dick. I’m neither lying nor exaggerating.

      In the year I’ve been working at my new job, which is in another city by the way, I’ve gotten two tickets. Even my coworkers tell me that the Yukon cops are just plain jerks. And I believe it to!

      I work overnights, and one time I was going to get sandwiches for myself and some coworkers for our lunch, which is at about 2 to 2:30 am. I pull out of the parking lot, and it’s a straight shot down the road to go to the place I need to go. There’s not another soul on the road, so I step on the gas a bit. The speed is 35, but since a lot of oklahoma is rural, it’s a long ass drive to go anywhere. I ended up going about 45 or 46. I end up getting pulled over by a cop, but since there was no one else on the road, I KNOW he was just parked somewhere waiting for a chance to start shit. He ended up giving me a hard time, even asking where I worked. He didn’t bother with a warning- he gave me a ticket straightaway, but said that he lowered the speed so that I wouldn’t lose points. From the tone of his voice, I suppose he wanted me to be grateful, but I was pissed. I only got 30 minutes for lunch, after all, and I had to wait 15 minutes it the winter cold waiting for his far ass.

      I try to be as respectful to the police as possible, but traffic cops are, for the most part, self important fools who seem to want to write tickets rather than ensure the safety of the people on the road.

      1. That sucks. You have to watch out for parking lots and side streets. From where I work to the highway there are two or three places where cops will sneak themselves back into a parking place. Often all you’ll see if the reflection of their headlights. I’ve learned well enough to only do 25 mph through town to avoid that one on one conversation, and I also sold the WRX. Too much temptation and, to be honest, to much of a monthly payment.

  12. Yeaa court costs are what always get you.

    I once was turning into my apt, stopped at a stop sign, drove past a cop car with it’s lights off, slowed down in front of it, then continued on, no more then a second later the lights on the cop car were flashing, I was mere feet from my apt door, food getting cold.

    “I pulled you over for disregarding a stop sign sir. ”

    “I ? What? ”

    *Cut to a day later, I tried to get the ticket dismissed *

    “Sorry, your gonna have to pay the fine or go to court”

    “If I win the case do I still have to pay court costs”

    “Yes you’ll still have to pay 200 but you won’t have to pay the 20 buck ticket or have a point on your license”

    “Screw it then, pays 200 and ticket price”

    ….another time I got pulled over and it took THREE cop cars with migraine inducing spot lights, a pat down, car search (of which I almost got shot for helping to unlock the door) ….+ 1hr….all to give me a “wrong address on license” ticket. I thought there was a wreck holding traffic up so did a LEGAL U-turn to go a different route…turns out it was a random alcohol checkpoint…..

    I feel for you man.

  13. after reading through that wall of paper it once again made think “gods! i’m happy i don’t live there!” its cruel yes, but can u blame me?
    I seriously hope u never run into that messed up cop again, since those types like to pick on ppl who they think they can mess with,altrough it might also be becouse he was bored…
    For the rest i wish u the best of luck!

    As for the comic, whats Tired guy stealing there? the add? or something else to blackmail Quinn with? or was it Ellie’s false nude painting?
    Also love how Ellie shows Quinn what the result is of growing up with siblings :)

  14. Oh my… did Tired Guy just gank the “nude” portrait of Ellie? This guy is just too funny. Hope he doesn’t give himself a heart attack “admiring it” later.

    As for Rusche’s troubles… yikes. I’ve never had to go through that kind of bullspit before… so this just seems crazy to me.

    Then again, I know all too well of the stupidity of the system. A couple of years back, I got sick of having to drive my mum around everywhere (her car died, and she couldn’t afford to repair/replace it), and saved up enough to buy her a new car. Sounds simple enough, right?

    HA! Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. As Rusche pointed out, if you don’t have “insurance” in Florida, they will suspend your license. And if that wasn’t bad enough, when we went to get that taken care of, she’d had a birthday a few months prior, that not only “invalidated her tags”, but expired her license.

    I’m sure people can see where ~this~ is going. But to make a long story short… due to the above, my mom “no longer had a valid ID”… and the fun twist is, if you don’t have an ID, they won’t let you get a new license…

    It took two weeks of paperwork, mailing for a copy of her birth certificate (from out of state, since her “original” didn’t confirm to the new standards, and was a Military record of birth), getting a new Social Security Card issued to her (because her old one is almost sixty years old, and was in horrible condition… to the point they would NOT accept it, because the computer can’t scan it!)… and just… man, more hours at the Court House, DMV, and on the phone than any person should have to go through, just to be able to get a license.

    After all of that, she finally had a license, though. So it all worked out. But, egads, man… all those hoops to jump through, just to get a license, despite having “proper” identification, was stupid.

  15. Ah, traffic court & the DMV. Just so you don’t feel too bad, we get paper temporary licenses in California before the real one comes in the mail too (no picture or anything, unless that’s changed)

    Most of the traffic court stories I hear about come right from the source (what with working at a courthouse) and they range from as absurd as yours (though they seem pretty rare, and the cop usually doesn’t show up for the BS ones [I like to think they thought it over, realized a mistake, and just “forgot they had court”]) to absurd on the drivers side. Honestly, it’s a toss-up between the limo that drove through a construction area on the highway (past the CHP car, through the cones & flares, and nearly into the workers) whose excuse was “but my boss did it the night before” or the guy who tried to claim that some insurance paperwork for his corporation counted as the entire corporation, therefore he could use the carpool lane by himself (as corporations count as persons for liability purposes) Both of these drivers hurt my brain.

    Personally, the last time I got pulled over was because the cop couldn’t see my temporary registration sticker, and after I stopped, saw it and apologized for the inconvenience (he also asked about where I got my car, a ’96 CHP Crown Vic, and we chatted for a few minutes in the middle of the night)

    Regarding today’s update, I fully endorse “coconut bonk” as the official term for that sound effect, and Ellie’s grappling skills are unmatched (by Quinn)

  16. Dang man, don’t ever plead guilty. Get the cop on the stand and start asking him questions until he can’t think straight no more.

    1. The only problem with that tactic (and it depends on the state/county [hell, country too] that you’re in) is that it all comes down to the judge (or commissioner) and their decision. Sometimes that works in the defendants favor (maybe the cop was being unprofessional, or the judge was REAAAAALY nit-picking their side of things) and sometimes they don’t want to deal with anybody’s BS (cop or defendant) and any “games” may be met with even worse penalties than the initial ticket would yield. I’ve also been told of a number of times where someone would plead guilty for some small infraction, basically apologize and admit their wrongdoing, and get a huge reduction on whatever they were originally going to have to deal with (fine, community service, or whatever else)

      There is no single answer to the traffic court problem (and, depending on your area, badgering the cop on the stand could get you in so much trouble it isn’t even funny [especially if it’s done just to try to make them slip up, that’s basically taking a dump in the middle of the courtroom and using the judges robe to wipe, they don’t like it])

      Wow, lots of parenthesis and brackets there :-P

      1. Meh, I would be asking so many questions based upon the technicality of calibration of their detector, the proper procedures and if they were followed, etc., But then, I will not open my mouth to plead guilty if I wasn’t. And then again, I may just buy a dash cam to show off the route views, and another cam to show off the speedometer.

        And then, maybe some day, a meteor will come streaking across the midwest, and will be captured on the dash cam, only to blow up like one of those anime cartoons and stuff, and I copyright it because mine is the only one that catches it correctly. Plus I put it out under license, and not the common copyright.

  17. Delta echo I have no like button on your comment to hit repeatedly so I’m just going to do this.


  18. Being about as socially awkward as they come, one of my favorite things to do when i can’t figure out what to talk about when with new people is to start the ‘one time I got pulled over’ story line. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, has their own story (stories) and wants to tell them. I had an inkling when I saw yours, Chris, that I would find a whole bunch in the comments section. I was not proven wrong.

    Oh, and just to add my own… I have been pulled over about 10 times since high school. Only gotten a ticket once, and that was a seatbelt violation because the cop felt a little guilty giving a speeding ticket to a guy driving a turd-brown Chevy Chevette. Every other time? Let go. 20 miles over the speed limit? Well, turns out the car in front of you I pulled over too is a sergeant in , if I’m not giving him a ticket I can’t honestly give you one too. On your way, sir. Throwing donuts in a parking lot in the snow? Please be more careful. Have you had anything to drink tonight? Stay safe, now (I was well under). 48 in a 25? Oh, I didn’t realize it was halftime of the OSU/UM game. Slow down, please. I guess I’m just a lucky bastard…

    1. Well, it is unsure how to decipher your gender from your screen name. However, with what you’ve been saying, you’re most likely a dude. And the dude abides.

  19. Hah! I remember a few updates ago talking about Tired Guy forgiving all in exchange for the “art”, and I was right. (If he has not forgiven he has at least now forgotten!)

  20. Oh shit, in panel 2 I thought for a second that the scissors were jammed into Ellie’s eye. It could have easily turned very ugly.

    Overall American beurocracy sucks for people moving around (sedentary folk have it fine I guess).
    One of my middle school friends is from Canada, but his US personel file has always said that he lives with his wife and 2 (now 3) kids in Alabama.
    My neighbor had to go through immigration in the 1980s. While at the immigration office, in front of him was some Romanian lady or something. She had come all the way to California from New York to submitt a document A. She was briskly told she needed document B in Texas and then told to get out of line. So my neighbor turned in his document and the clerk literally threw it over his shoulder into a giant 20 food long paper pile.

  21. Ah,american burocracy, such sweet corrupted system it is, almost like living in the middle ages,only now they kill u with paper and make u sign for it…

  22. Quinn just showed Ellie how to perform a “magic trick” to make a pair of scissors dissapear in the second panel.

    What’s that….. the whole “Quinn is a supervillain” bit is getting old and I should stop? Well, I’m still holding out for maniacal laughter.

  23. I don’t know how it goes down in Alabama, but we get temp (paper) licenses here in Colorado too. In my experience, you can use them to buy any restricted items. I’ve used them to purchase M-rated games before, at least.

  24. You can tell that Ellie comes from a big family. Even in these modern times, you have to learn some combat skills when there are many siblings striking sparks off each other. Way, way back when I was a kid, if you came in roughed up the question from my dad was not did you fight? It was did you win?

  25. “I am getting so blind I’ll be giving girls at fast food restaurants advice soon.”
    Best line. I’ll have to use that if I ever meet someone IRL who reads SS. (Aside from my boyfriend, who might be reading this series at my recommendation. Hi, Puppy!)

    Anonymousposter1, you’re probably not reading this (and probably wouldn’t see it even if I replied, given your spur-of-the-moment-seeming name), but some places have speed minimums.

    I like that you used *COCONUT BONK*. I know EXACTLY the slightly hollow sound you mean ^_^ Like hitting a loosely-held pine board against a solid floor just hard enough that it bounces back up.

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