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Quinn’s New Wallpaper

Since you all keep imputing your own HSR sound effects...

55 thoughts on “Quinn’s New Wallpaper

      1. I beleive the proper term is ‘Marshmellow hell’ though I would call it marshmellow heaven personally. Still, Quinn obviously possess ‘Feet of strenght’ *cookie to whoever gets the reference*

        Only thing I would have changed is instead of Quinn ‘wheezing’ I would have made it ‘gasping’ you dont wheeze when you’ve been sufficating, you wheeze when out of breath and tired.

        Still I have to know, WHERE did Quinn learn that move and HOW does she have leg strength of that degree? The pannel aludes to her throwing Ellie off of her into the wall with enough force to make cracks using ONLY lower body strength. I dont remember seeing her jog/run so far, at least Ellie has the excuse of a little of sisters you know lol.

        Still very entertaining, too bad there was no mud ;P I look foward to seeing the next chapter dude!

        1. I didn’t like *GASP GASP* as a sound effect. Gasp is also slightly more mentally associated with being awestruck than breathless.

        2. Oh, not much question; Quinn’s definitely awestruck by now. just not in a GOOD way…

        3. Took me a minute to call up the reference…been a long time since I’ve watched that movie.

          I Love Ellie’s look while she is on top of Quinn…like, “Don’t mind me…just suffocating my roomie with what she wishes she had..”

        4. Now that you mention it, I does look like she’s doing that on purpose. I thought it was a case of her being absent minded and not noticing what she was doing when I first saw this page. I mean when you look at the pannel, despite the bloodly nose she has a very innocent and sweet apperence to her, like someone called her name and she switched gears forgetting what she was doing at the time.

          Now however…if its on purpose, Ellie just went up a notch in the evil catagory lol. Wonder what Alex would think if he found out about this *snickers* So is she doing it on purpose or was it a coincidence?

          On a seperate note Rusche, I am curious to know if you are planning on going to see Pacific Rim, or if you’re going to let your son see it when it comes out on dvd. I always get a kick from his reactions to various movies. This one though is a special case when you think about it. The way your son was when watching Captain America is the way most adults are going to be when seeing this puppy lol

        5. Kenju, probably wait for the DVD to actually have him react to it in real time. When we go the movies he’s quiet the entire time.

        6. Wow. I wonder why. I mean, I’m not being snarky or anything. I’m just wondering why he’s quiet in the theater and bursting at the seems with the dvd.

          Anyway, you have one polite little boy there dude.

  1. That… is definitely going to come out of the “security deposit”.

    Good to see that Tired Guy hasn’t run off yet. I’m amused he just sat there watching this fiasco the entire time… possibly in case someone really got hurt badly.

      1. Oh man… with all of this crazy going on, he could easily get this apartment taken away from them, and rented out to his cousin-granddaughter.

  2. “Tired Guy” should be renamed “Pervy Guy”. “Is this a nightly performance?” “Alllrrrriigghtt!”

      1. Or he could be mentally calculating how much to pay the girls to get another place where the living room has been set up to be a “Big Brother Combat Set” and the revenues generated from such successive cat fights. Plus, he’d probably have to get Quinn a new”er” car, health insurance for both of them through Lloyd’s of London. That and a theatre department that knows first aid because of the rodeo effects.

  3. DRYWALL’D. Haha, I read that in Strong Bad’s voice.

    Also, Quinn must have some powerful legs/abs to be able to pull that stunt off. Pretty impressive.

    1. Well, I would surmise that she’s an Army Bratt, and could have been picking up tips on self defense from the base before going to college. From what we’ve seen before, and in no way is a detraction of the character, but Alex seems pretty wimpy but still seems to hang around or desirous of women who are fully capable of handling themselves. Just a thought.

      Ok, ok.

      Dear Strongbad.

      My upstairs neighbors are two college age girls who constantly fight each other every night. What am I to do about it. I want them gone.


      Tired Guy.

      1. *Strongbad voice*

        Seriously? This is a problem for you? You don’t want them gone, you want to get a video camera and put that on you tube. You’ll have seventy bajillion hits in no time and will be internet famous. You should also let me know where this is taking place so I can help you set up the camera and do other technical type stuff.

  4. I am amazed that Quinn had the strength to not only kick Ellie off of her, but crack the wall as well.

    And tired guy most likely wanted to know if this was a nightly occurrence so he could bring some popcorn next time.

      1. Oh my, and what a good cartoon it is. Oh my.

        Good news everyone, we have a delivery to the Rusche Planet. It’s a load of ink and shotgun shells.

    1. Ouch, what am embarrassing way to get a black eye. But if that were the case, why does Quinn not look like a raccoon?

      1. Well, her one eye went from being not puffy in the last panel (as far as I can tell), to puffy in this one. So I could only assume that one of her eyes may be weaker than the other.

  5. Someone please help. I have to get rid of that pervert Herbert’s voice from “Family Guy” Help me put Professor Farnsworth’s voice in that place instead.

    1. Good news, everybody! I’m much better at writing in the voice of me, Professor Farnsworth, than that of that old pedophile.

  6. However, there seems to be one spot of comic performance that has not yet occurred.

    Ellie is hanging there on the wall, she is in no way able to hold herself up there, because the backs of her hands are angled in a way to slide off as a support if she were to put weight on them. This would suggest some part of Ellie landing on Quinn’s head in the last panel.

    She did not bounce off of the wall, and subsequently back onto Quinn in a hilarious mess, nor is there a hint of a possible crash landing in the last panel. This would suggest the “Plastergirl bodyslam” effect.

    Nor is Ellie standing on the wall, a’la Adam West in “BatMan.” But that would mean having to dress Fatty McFatFat in a robin suit and I don’t think that she’d have the time for that, or a plaster bust of some historic guy to flip the head back and hit a button either.

      1. Was it M.C. Escher who did the stairs and all that weird stuff? I didn’t think of that scenario. I’m going to guess that it would be the Marx/Warner Brothers effect then, eh?

        1. I’m glad that I was not drinking the following:

          Grocery store bought flavored acid, coffee, sugary drinks with colors, tea, water, di-hyrdogen Monoxide.

  7. Yeah, she probably was yelling at Tired Guy since he was just watching them and was harrasing Quinn before.

    Still, it makes me wodner what happend to Ellie after the fight, did she go back to her room or did Quinn somehow kick her out again?

    1. That’s actually what I’ve been wondering. With all the previous comments about Ellie clearly being the dominant fighter, it made little sense to me for her to leave or have blacked out long enough Quinn to make the call.

      Currently, I’m guessing Tired Guy has something to do with it.

        1. I was thinking more that she forced Quinn to give up and let her go about her business.

        2. Sure. And I thought about that. But it came across as a form of ‘letting up’ ‘acknowledgement of defeat’ and/or ‘ok ok I’m sorry’ to me. Which wouldn’t be appropriate for the story JUUUUST yet. =)

  8. I’m pretty sure it ended in a draw, like these fights useally do, so they both went to nurse their wounds. at witch Quinn made the call.

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