I had a bunch of lovely comments left by readers on the last post where I discussed the character framework of the current story arc. Wow, my ego is too big for my head now, so thanks to all, and forgive this belated reply.

I would love to do a spin-off comic dealing strictly with retail, but (not to give anything away) Ellie will have other retail jobs in the future. Other character’s that will have leading roles will have retail jobs. I’m pacing myself. I’d also need to become substantially faster at pumping out comics to do a second strip. I have easily 10 years of stories already planned for this comic. Sound absurd? Yea, it does to me too.

It’s a saga.

I can certainly understand the want for more or better satire of retail humor. Or ANY, half the time. I had a fear when I started the comic that it would come across as very generic, and very stereotypical. Like creating a new FOX Sunday night cartoon staring a family with 3 kids. The premise starts off with “two roommates.” Oh that’s never been done before. Ellie’s blonde with big…eyes, and CAN be mistaken as just “dumb.” And of course what every form of satire likes to parody: WALMART AND MCDONALDS. And I did them back to back. The last series of comments you guys posted assured me all is right with the world.

I guess the easiest way to say it is, DONT WORRY. The strip has much more retail absurdity in it’s future.