I’ll be reiterating this on the next post cause I was late getting it done, but a few things…

Anise Fanart

Fan art page is finally up! Got a few new ones on there. I am truly blessed with great fans. I have, bar-none, the best readers and commentors involving webcomics. I hadn’t checked comments for this particular post for the first 8 hours it was up, and it had already exceed 100-something. Wow. Thank you all for letting me immerse you in my goofy little world here. :D


And Thank you Dimitri Grimm…





and Pat
greyfat by Pat


and Miss Banena

Anise by Nena Quinn by Banena Ellie by Banena

I’ve also been posting some of my older stuff (that I actually still have) under the following icon in the right sidebar.

Index Man Av

I’m unloading,  little by little, some art and older comics that led up to the Shotgun Shuffle you’re reading today.

Lastly, I’m a huge proponent of the Choose Your Own Webcomic aspect of this site, which I’m able to incorporate here and there. So there will be another vote, for this specific story, and probably within the next week/weekandahalf. It will involve what’s currently going on with the cast page, and I’ll explain more when we get to it.

Thanks all, as always!