We won’t be stuck in fastfoodland forever. I promise. I think at this point we’ve established Ellie’s FAR from having a good first day. Let’s see in the next few strips if we can instill her with an introductory life lesson.

Now if you’re like me, you see these stupid ads everywhere. Apparently it’s the latest gimmick old people must fall for, since it’s diligently replicated by others.

Now these aren’t anything new, but they’re missing their mark if they think the generation brought about by the internet falls for this crap. But look at the other pan handlers peddling this same tactic.

(I laughed at the First-World Problems that must be brought about by the last one.)

Well if you think you’ve discovered a DIY ‘weird’ trick that will help mankind in its endeavors  I got news for you…

you HATED.

Series II of these ads are in the queue, courtesy of yours truly.