Ran late on this one. It *was* supposed to be two posts. Hope this tides you over until Tuesday. I need to prep more comics since we are going back to Ellie and David. Thanks as always for reading. I know this arc wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really really had to do this story now because there will be no time later. This builds into Ellie’s next antagonist, and Pumpkin’s birthday. 

Tarra is a super narcissist, over-confident, and cripplingly entitled. You had to find this out going in. She’s essentially Ellie if Ellie never got her childishness put in check. Pumpkin, Ellie, and Tarragon are all sides of the same coin. A.. three sided coin. Pumpkin is self-conscious and restrained in her appearance. Tarra, as we’ve seen by her outfits, flaunts it as much as possible for her own gain. Ellie is right in the middle. More moderate, more at ease with who she is.

We know enough about Ellie so far. We had our Pumpkin story. Then we had Tarragon’s. Now we’re going to put them all together.