This comic was a late edition requested by a gaggle of coworkers. We were lambs to the slaughter Black Friday. Our company insisted we now open at the midnight, requiring us to be present late Thanksgiving day. Even more of a genius move, to appropriately dispense the limited quantities of door buster items, was to have the staff flood the line of customers outside with vouchers for the items they seeked.  I personally took a number of angry complaints as I was mobbed for what vouchers I had. People drifted from places in line, ran from the parking lot, and generally teleported to where I was. I should have taken the lead from other associates and threw them up in the air. Lickily I wasn’t stabbed.

Many of us worked over 18 hour days. While most of the customers regained their civility once inside, there were a few confused as to what day it was. This inspired, in the week following, several crude spiral-bound comics. This was the most popular (other than “Verizon Wireless Comic,” which has since disappeared) in depicting our retail nightmares. It incorporates well in the above, seeing as nothing will stifle a retail employee from achieving a personal emergency faster than a needy, or typically ignorant, customer.

The “O” in the O’pad is a take on several knock-off products I’ve seen, such as an ‘ophone’ (no, seriously.) We had, and still have, a value-priced item called the Coby tablet. While the Coby did perfectly suit the needs of some consumers, it WAS NOT an $89 dynamo. Some were overly presumptive that this thing would do anything a $500 ipad could. Even upon dismantling their misconceptions, it was still their Rosetta stone for Christmas. Even with the last minute entrance of the Kindle Fire at a mere (for what the thing can actually do) $250, the masses were not swayed.

And as shown in both these strips, the masses were also not well informed. We still had many holding everyone up to ask pointless questions. Pointless, as in I answered more about Angry Birds than I ever cared to.

Coby Tablet Comic: