We’re down to the Final Four!
Shotgun Shuffle VS Girl Genius

First of all, thanks to everyone who donated in the last round. Check out the donations to Hero’s Initiative:


Even the admin did a double take. He wasn’t the only one who was shocked. I was as well. That was incredible guys.

Now for anyone under a rock, Girl Genius is a mega-popular comic with an incredibly loyal, and much larger fanbase. So how are we going to win? Well, it’s not going to be easy. Out of all the comics we’ve gone head to head with, Girl Genius is the one I have received more emails, comments, and Facebook messages concerning. Anything from “This is going to be a tough decision” to “I’m literally going to jump ship on you, Chris.” While I’m perfectly happy not knowing that, and living in my own ignorance, it did bring me to the realization we have to pull out all the stops.

At Shotgun Shuffle we run positive campaigns. I can’t in good conscience say anything demeaning or negative about our competition. It’s a great comic, with a great creator, and great fans. I share many of those same fans. Fans who, like previously stated, may be a bit torn right now. I understand. Who do you vote for? Who deserves it more?

Obviously I’m going to be biased right? How can I help you make this choice? I’d easily tell you to vote for me.
You know what’s not biased? FACTS.
Spurrious Correlation graphs to be more specific.  If you’re not familiar, these are charts that show trends between two SEEMINGLY unrelated events. Some of them can be incredibly shocking. Here are a few I’ve found involving our current competition:

True Facts

Oh believe me, there are more where that came from. Corruption… mob ties… anything trending upward, really.

Does this implicate Girl Genius in any way. No. No I can’t legally say that.

But doesn’t it make you think??

After that, if you’re still not convinced, I’m not sure what else I can do to sway you. So.. here are some harmless, fun optical illusions. Pick your favorite.


So cast your vote for Shotgun Shuffle at the ComicMix voting page NOW!