Don’t want to keep you all in the dark for too long. The coloring on this is taking longer than anticipated, but this is 3/7ths of who’s in the print. It’s basically a glorified version of the sister section of the cast page, and it’s massive. I can do a 40×20″ print with this. I’ll post when it’s done. Bad news is, next comic will have to be pushed off until Monday. I’ve just GOTTA get this done and sent off to make prints.

The week of the convention is becoming 1955 from BTTF. Somehow this week is the nexus of time and space. The convention is scheduled in Florida, it’s the last week of my kid’s school in Alabama, it’s the week they need to be dropped off at their mom’s for part of the summer in Tennessee… and this last week my son had his dental Xrays and they need to pull his four bottom baby teeth because he hasn’t lost any yet and the adult ones are in a traffic jam underneath. Orthodontist can’t see him until the 19th just to give the OKAY.. then I have to try to fit in two visits to pull two teeth per trip. Good gawd. wtf.

So I need this to the printers by tomorrow or Monday, then I gotta comic my ass off for a week. Son goes to the Ortho on Thursday next week. Get the approval. Set up two dentists appointments on either the 20th, 23rd or 24th. Probably one now and one in the middle of summer. Drive the kids to TN on the 24th, (hoping they can miss the last 3 days of school) then drive down to Florida on Wednesday the 25th to be ready for the convention on the 26th. So yeah.. I’m not slacking. I’m totally stressed. XD

Also! I apologize for not mentioning the specific convention. HERPDERP. It’s Megacon in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention center.  Here’s all the info:

I’ll be there all four days in Artist’s Alley, but Jessica hasn’t been given our specific table location yet.
Thanks all.

Edit: We have a table!