Quinn Victory

All my con prints. Minus my button templates I had to make for 800+ buttons for Megacon next week.

All prints

All the image prep has been very painstaking. Especially the worry that something in these prints will look odd or out of place. You gotta feel it’s all close to perfection if you’re going to dump hundreds of dollars into running prints. I went through the typical phases this past week of love-hate-love-hate-hate-hate-hate then finally committing to what I had.

The sisters in the new print are all slightly exaggerated versions of their in-comic selves. They’re all slightly curvier and Frank Cho’d up a bit. Because, ya know… comic convention. I think out of all of it Tarra was the worst to get right, which she usually is.. but Pumpkin’s shirt stumped me all Saturday. Saturday I was supposed to get all my linework done on the next comic to color Sunday. But God was I ever stuck on her shirt.

I originally wanted her showing a Batman symbol, which justified the pose. Then midway through I decided I wanted something that wasn’t affiliated with a major comic franchise so the print was contained to just Shotgun Shuffle. That was a huge mistake. Nothing seemed to work on it. I was close to just giving her a blank white shirt, which of course, makes it look like she’s advertising her chest… which I also hated. Completely out of context for her character thus far. So through hours and hours of multiple conversations, and loads of tinkering, I was eventually convinced to go back to the Batman symbol. Considering many in artist’s alley sell fanart of copyrighted characters or incorporate other works logos and what not.. I probably wouldn’t have the DC police flipping my table. Here’s a quick sample of my descent into madness over this print.

Batmask 1

Batmask 2

I was going so OCD anal over the Sister7 print. From shirts, to stripes, to the amount of pantyhose holes, whether Tarra’s thigh gap looked distracting, to shading.


But all of this is over now. Prints are getting printed, and mugs are being shipped and so on. I’m going to take long sleep tonight after being awake for 2 and a half days straight, and get this next comic completed. Blergh. Thank you all for sticking with me. I love you. :)