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Super fatigued after all that driving. Wow, yeah DFW driving suuuuuuuuuuucked. Last time I saw traffic that bad was when I was downtown Chicago. Other than that it was 13 hours of straight boring on I20. Mississippi has a few towns to look at but Louisiana… damn. Nothing for 3 hours. Had a lot of fun with Claire and her daughters, though. Weather was great all 6 days. Went out to eat a lot. Did a lot of running around. Didn’t get much sleep (makes your insinuations now.)

Looking back, I didn’t take a single picture. Claire did though. When we went to Red Lobster (I had a gift card, leave me alone) we saw this in the parking lot, which made me laugh.

“This won’t fit.”
“Hold my beer.
..Also lets go eat out.”

Claire to me: “You didn’t take a single picture of us together but you want a picture of this. Really?”
^literally her face.

Welcome to the sentimental dumpster fire that will be your future husband. ^___^