Wacom tablets are such temperamental things. For some reason around 9 or so, I was half way through these backgrounds and mine wonked out. If you’re not familiar, you need three things to happen to make art.
1) The screen to turn on to see what you’re drawing
2) The tablet to register the pen is touching it
3) The pressure sensitivities to be recognized.

The first one always happens, but I’ve had issues with the other two. I’ve noticed it’s typically after a Windows update, curiously enough. Usually a restart will kick number 2 into gear, but the last one is the killer. Was yesterday. I still haven’t gotten the tablet to register the different pressures I’m putting on the pen, but atleast it knows it’s there now. What you get instead, is no flow-in-and-out of line thickness. Thick to thin, or vise versa. You just get what would be a full size of whatever brush. Like you’re just mashing the pen against the screen at full force. So it’s a blob of ugliness everytime.

I ended up having to mouse most of these backgrounds, or outlining something and use the stroke command, which will draw a line for me. This has all happened in the past sporadically, but not for half a day. And it’s usually remedied by restarting the Wacom services in Windows, or just powering down for a period. Four power downs later and I’m still stumped. I’m not the only one though. There are plenty of forums listing the same issues. Updates just vaporize my Wacom settings. When I finally did the Windows 10 update (which is a whole other story,) it wiped everything from Wacom. My settings, my preferences, my hot buttons, the help desk crap, the on-screen menus. I have no idea what Windows issue is with Wacom, or why the two seem to conflict, but it’s aggravating. No worries, though. I’ll figure it out.

Storywise, I like this current scenario. You don’t have to be burned often. Just with enough intensity. And say what you will in terms of motives.. Ellie is employee of the month.

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story one

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UPDATE: I finally got my tablet working correctly. Unfortunately I am stupid behind on this next comic. I gotta not be overly optimistic like I usually am with my ability to finish these up. So, with my normal apologies, next comic will have to be Monday. Next Patreon, however, will be up today. Plowing through backgrounds now. Again, sorry. It sucks. I’m annoyed… but I’m also well past rushing my comics anymore and posting work I think is subpar. I’d rather post what I intend my comic to look like, and nothing less. I’d hate to George Lucas these later.