So after a year and a half of my initial diagnosis of ‘the beetus’ I made a ton of gains in terms of improving my health. For some unexplained reason fatigue and spells of multi-hour catatonia were cropping up again. Got recommended to an endocrinologist and after $1200 in tests doctor said I have Hashimoto’s Disease. Immune system is attacking my thyroid. Don’t have many of the symptoms pertaining to it except for the zombie-related aspects. Also, buckle up, bois! We’re going type-1

You can apparently have two types of diabetes at once, and I’m one of those people. I’m sorry. I had a bogo coupon. I got both.

I’m making almost no insulin now, so I’m in a transitory state of becoming type-1.
None of this is immediately life-threatening or overly dire. It’s all treatable. I’m just keeping you all in the loop and looking forward to whatever appropriate meds I need so I can start staying upright for most of the day again. I completely loathe all the time I ALMOST bought a cane to hold myself up while walking around, and finding ones with mosquito amber for handles is not freakin’ cheap.

I’m naming this Rocket Cat and he’s Fat Fat’s brother. I added him to the cast page on the new Sister Seven panel I updated. I will also have a post up this Friday! Be sure to check back. :)