That’s the maximum output I can reasonably do since the vote was finalized about 9 hours ago.. I got two Patreon comics on the way, and we’re going to play catchup with the regular story on Monday. But first…


Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve made it.

ComicMixMarchMadnessFeatured2015-7We’re in the final round. Competing for first place against Stand Still Stay Silent. An absolutely, wonderfully, gorgeous comic by an artist who could draw better than me when she was five. Minna Sundberg is a talent-wielding, language-barrier-breaking, schedule-keeping MACHINE. So how can we possibly take her down!?

Your humble artist always has a solution. If the pandering comic above didn’t sway you that we’ll do whatever it takes to fit in… I have one more ace up my sleeve. If this final round has taught us anything, it’s that people like webcomics with S’es in them. So I’m officially changing the name of this comic to:

Shotgun Shuffle Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Even though some of those may technically be ONE word, it still gives us a 3-S advantage. We have the edge. We can’t fail.*

*(We can fail, but if we do it’ll be in spectacular fashion.)

Vote for Shotgun Shuffle at the ComicMix site found HERE!!!!

I know voting on sites can be tedious, but this is not. No need to register or fill any forms. Just visit the link and follow these steps: