This is easily the worst day of Anise’s life. It’s not only a broken tradition, but an absolute betrayal by her own mother. She may never recover emotionally.

Last month Claire ended up having to get emergency surgery. She went to the ER multiple times with severe abdominal pain and the staff couldn’t seem to see anything wrong with her, even though it was very apparent something was. It wasn’t until she was a few more weeks along they saw she was having an ectopic pregnancy. She had to spend several days in Fort Worth and over two weeks recovering. Obviously we lost the baby, but Claire is doing fine. Our chances of having another baby are still possible, but diminished by a considerable degree. I apologize for the delayed update. The whole thing was very defeating. It was also super scary since she ran herself in to the ER on the last visit, they transported her to another hospital, and I was stuck at home. I wasn’t going to leave 4 kids alone all night, and I didn’t want them in a panic over mom by taking them to the hospital with nothing to do but worry. 

Like I said last update, it’s a comedy of errors. Every day presents some new unforeseen challenge. I was doing all the homemaking while Claire was out of commission. Trying to rapidly do all the things I busted open a bunch of trash in yard during some sleeting and ended up picking it up for an hour. Got a mild case of pneumonia. That was when Claire was volunteering to drag me to the hospital while also dragging herself. I said “No. I’m going to Jim Henson this thing. Everything will work out fine.” It did. We’ve both recovered. And I would like to say, thanks to all of you, I actually have insurance for the first time in 7 years. Claire as well. Which, also thanks to you, we got to avoid her $22k surgery bill. Just fucking yikes.

Next post is Tuesday.