Sorry guys. Don’t have an update for you until Monday. Had to go out of state (and back) after work Thursday and came home to a corrupted file I hadn’t yet backed up. Let down? Yeah me too.

I could reword the next strip that was planned for Wednesday, and finish it up… you know, just swap em.. but the pace would end up too wonky. I’d rather give you what was intended for today (Friday) on Monday. I just don’t have enough time to redo all the coloring for you guys and keep the strip the quality it needs to be.

I’ve (somehow) posted consistently for a year now. So shrug it off as my one sick day. =P

Bare with me as I continue my ‘learn by doing’ noobery. But until Monday, as I suggested, here’s my Googlemaps plotter for Shotgun Shuffle as it relates to the real Lakeland. I’ll probably update this here and there. But for now… these are the essential locations we’ve come across thus far.


View Shotgun Shuffle Plotter in a larger map


I got a couple emails wanting to know what my avatar was in the discussion as well. It was one of my original takes on Ellie for the cast page, when I was still tinkering with what her outfit would look like. So I just sampled the guitar.

Ellie Guitar
And a few others I did… The one of the left actually WAS used when the site was down for maintenance for 15 seconds.