I got in the weeds with the last Patreon. Preview on the right. This was supposed to be two tiers, but I had to cut the bottom half for time. Next two backgrounds after this are pretty hefty. Definitely wanted to get something up today. Apologies for the wait.
Anyhoo, Tuesday’s should be on time. :P

So my friend Matt forges all these cool historical weaponry creations and cosplays from different time periods. He’s really into it. Does historical discussions, goes to ren fairs and all that. Makes stuff like this:
Matt 1

Matt 2

He actually mailed me a shield he created after doing extensive research on the Fatfat Age. Which is, if memory serves, somewhere shortly after the Bronze Age.

Sheild of Fattening

The Shield of Fattening, as it’s widely known, was carried into war by Fattus Maximus against the Doggo army. He was victorious and revered. Truly a mighty leader. His chins plentiful. His WalMart powerchair fully charged.

He’s made such a hobby from this, he actually started a Patreon where he’s doing raffles and giveaways of the stuff he creates. So if you ever want to win a shield of your own, or maybe a pocket-sized javelin.. definitely check him out. His future projects also include making molds for weapon-themed chocolates. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner guys. Don’t forget about your ladies.

You can find Matt here:
AA copy

I really like that logo for some reason.
You can also see more of his stuff on Facebook and Instagram.