Done with this comic.

I was going to write this big long diatribe about a thing.. but I’m already so late on this one I just want to get it up.
I am out of the dark ages now with Photoshop 7. Switched to Ps CC. It works WAYYY better with colors. Did struggle to work through relearning most shorthands/functions/tool placements/navigation. Nothing vastly different. But different enough to slow this down. I’d probably preferred to transition slower into it (and certainly with a smaller comic) but Ps loves to cancel out all previous versions of itself from running. The newer Photoshops also have a lot of bloat compared to its more antiquated versions (to me) with features and options I don’t need. Like text alignment, and all kinds of resizing options. Fought me the whole way. But I’m fairly comfortable with it now.

Biggest reason for the transition: Ps7 wouldn’t save my larger files for prints without running huge errors or saving the files in some corrupted form that couldn’t be opened. Also for the gif animations (cough, cast page).