Soooooooooooo this comic was supposed to be almost fully animated. Four panels, and I had over 100 frames sketched out for it. Daunting task, but you know.. worth it.

Then I wrenched my back three weeks ago. I’m not really sure how, but it’s a problem I’ve had in the past. Way back when I worked in food service, I was stacking boxes in a freezer, and as I turned with a fifty pound box, I slipped on some ice that accumulated on the floor. Trying to keep balance, I horribly twisted my back. It’s rarely something that ever flairs up anymore, but did it ever at the beginning of November. Because of the pain, I was apparently contorting myself in my sleep and waking up with incredibly stiff necks and shoulders. So early and mid-November I was mostly doubled over in pain in the upper half of my body.

I understand a few readers are frustrated with me for not updating. I understand. I wasn’t taking it easy or anything. I was actually trying to push the animated version of this for as long as I could, but I just couldn’t sit at the computer for more than 15 minutes before I’d have to get up and walk around or make some human pretzel shape on the floor. The pulsating was so bad I could feel it in my throat. Eventually I had to throw in the towel and restructure this comic to be standard still panels. I also resorted to sleeping on the floor after 2 weeks of this. Three days later it leveled off. I started going for stupid long walks after that, and it surprisingly helped. I can still feel it lingering there. Waiting for me to do something dumb again. Putting up Christmas light or something. It’s still lurking, but mainly dormant.

I really wanted to update. Maybe give a brief explanation of what was going on, but the pain coupled with setting myself up for failure by being so behind on such a large challenge, got me pretty damn depressed. I’m one of those creative types. So, you know.. with that comes the standard moodiness and stubborn nature. Here’s a preview:


I got many of the lines more refined, but it would take my too much time to re-timeline the panels just for an incomplete preview. :P
Here’s Quinn opening the door. One frame of this was used, but this animation is much more rough, especially in terms of her facial expressions.


Animation is tough.
I’m not shooting to animate every strip. It’s basically something to use for subtle effects. I just wanted to see if I could do it with this one.
Turns out.. MAYBE.
But if I attempt this again, it’s going to be planned for way more in advance. I’m too prone to extenuating circumstances.
The only real plus side to the last month was I got caught up on GoT season 6 while I was in my sleepless zombie states.


Some have asked or emailed if any of it was concerning my son (I haven’t gotten to all my messages since I really haven’t been home all that often, so apologies for not responding.) Yeah, some did. He had to go to the emergency room at one point because he asthma got really severe. The constant Smokey Mountain wildfires may have lead to some of this, but he lost 26 percent of his lung capacity since last year. He was switched off his old meds since he showed so much improvement before, but they’ve now put him back on them since we’ve had the opposite effect. He’s been feeling much better the last four days, and instead of the 6 month-visit deal, the specialist is going to see him bi-monthly for assessment. They said with more micro-management he can get right back to where he was, and continue improving. So no worries. He just needs more time at this point.

I really hate coming on here and making excuses for being so late or not saying anything, but I’m sure most of you needed some explanation. There was a good while I really wasn’t sure to continue on or start back over with this one. I didn’t want that constant ‘please wait longer’ update routine.
Guys, I felt like shit. And I felt like it for a long time. The comic is pretty work-intensive and when I can’t physically manage doing it, the dread just compounds. The physical anguish leads to the emotional kind if I start getting really behind and can’t seem to dig my way out. Comic means a lot to me, and so do you guys. So I dug my way out. Then my son.
Sorry if I left you down. I’m certainly not shooting to be a reluctant artist and riding on your good will alone.

Sometimes I do occasionally read other comics and I wonder if that artist ‘really cares.’ Most do I’m sure. No question. But I’m saying I know that feeling. I don’t want to inadvertently illicit it from my own audience. I was in really rough shape.

Lastly, Patreon’s hopefully daily for a short period. Got 4 in the pipeline. Just need to shade and do backgrounds for. Uploading them as they’re completed. Quick preview below. Thanks all